Laboratory of Ichthyology

In 2008 in region «Gissar" was open scholastic base.  The manager of scholastic base was Haitov A.B. At present time the manager, is Nazarov SH. The opening of this base was made by the order Government of Tajikistan in the field of fish breeding and opening specialtyfish breeding on Zooingineering faculty.

Since in the future branch fish breeding in republic, has get prettier prospect, was open scholastic-practical base "Gissar". The Problem of the base is an education on practical base professional specialist in these branches public facilities.

With performing the delivered problem base contributes the positive contribution to area of the formation. For the reason decision of the appeared problems building was built on the base, equipped modern equipment, as well as follows to note that for making the best conditions lake water was constructed for experience with area 0,5га. The Composition of water is equipped necessary biogenetical and organic mineral, amount dissolved gas (02, S02); factors to acidity (RN).The Occupations are conducted on timetable of the cycle and practical person.