Geoinformational laboratory

In 2008, the geographic information laboratory "GIS Lab" was established at the faculty of irrigation and drainage, together with the technological University of Sweden, with the financial support of the Commission of the European Union, with the financial support of the Commission.

Much of the credit for the creation and operation of the Center belongs to the senior lecturer of the Department of geodesy and Geoinformatics Kodirova Z. A.

In 2013, when the "GIS-Lab; turned to the centre it is headed by PhD. Mirzoev, M. M. Center, this direction was one of the first in Central Asia. It is 2 specialized audiences, equipped with computers mounted programs АгсGIS and “Gеomotica” service which is provided by two separate servers.

   For training of students and masters, as well as conducting research by graduate students and applicants, the Center has the following modern geodetic equipment:

1.GNSS GPS ( Base and Rover)

2. Total station -Total Station Leica TCR-303

3. Total Station -Total Station Trimble M3

4. Manual Hand GPS Garmin CX-6C

5. Devilry and so on. Which is used to conduct training and practical works?

        The Centre now has a unique network for printing and data analysis. For the preparation and printing of maps, the center has a plotter HP T-610, which is used in the necessary moments.

         In 2015, according to the Board of the city of Dushanbe, the specialists of the center under the leadership of Mirzoev M. developed and proposed maps of external trails for livestock (scotaprogony).

In 2016, the centre developed a map of the main significant roads within the Republic, which is one of the important works of the center.

        Over the past 2 years, Ph. D. Mirzoev M. M. prepared and published 4 teaching AIDS that are effectively used for training programs.

        Currently, being a place of scientific activity development, the Center cooperates with foreign projects. At the moment, according to the contract, the center provides training on GIS, QGIS and ERDAS programs for representatives of state enterprises in which certificates will be issued at the end of the course. Specialists of the center have studied in European countries:

Sweden, Austria, Hungary and gained good experience.