Laboratory of agrochemistry

In 1973 for the reason improvements of the process of the education in structure of preparation specialist to agricultural chemistry and soil scientist at the department "Agricultural chemistry and soil science", under the direction of professor A.M. Mesheryakov was founded laboratory to Agricultural chemistry.

Later in 2009 on base of the entering the modern test equipment laboratory was renewed and already was responsible for all standards. In laboratory are conducted complex of the chemical test of ground, plants and mineral, organic fertilizers, as well as from category: determination of nitrogen  and the general phosphorus in composition of the plant and ground, amount gyms, ammonium and nitrate in ground, moving phosphorus and volatile potassium in composition of ground, composition fabrics plants, amount NPK and the other microelements in composition of the mineral organic fertilizers, determination PH (the ambiences of ground) in solution of water and others. In laboratory of agricultural chemistry are also conducted determination of the physical particularities of ground (the three-dimensional mass, inherent mass, porosity, агрегатная structure), degree to saltiness (the dry remainder, Cl-, SO42-, HCO3-, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+ ions (anions and cations and water particularities of ground (the capacity влаги, drive of water, ability of the lifting of water upwards).  Primary task of the laboratory is a granting scientifically-practical help young specialist in work on undertaking scientific analysis, undertaking scientific and scholastic test lesson, education to undertaking the processes analysis.

On the base of the laboratory on different scientific subjects, connected with analysis of ground, plants and fertilizers were prepared and protected 5 doctoral thesis’s, more than 25 candidate's and more than 50 degree thesis’s specialist and master.On length of existence of the laboratory to agricultural chemistry they managed the professor Mesheryakov A.M., Dzhumonkulov H.ZH, Eshonov I.E., assistant professors Dadoev R.D., Boymurodov R.B and Hotamov M.T.In laboratory are realized total of all scientific functioning(working) the teachers of the department "Agricultural chemistry and soil sciences".  At last years in laboratory is organized assessed work on adjustment of the scientific work in sphere of agricultural chemistry, preparation bio composts to the modern requirement.