Laboratory of "Вiontinsekta"

Founded in 2008. First head was a docent Teshaev IS It is known that the problem of crop protection and crop is one of the everyday tasks of agricultural production. For this purpose, are widely used insecticides.

On a par with science achievement pesticides adversely affect the environment . University Guide in connection with this problem and to produce environmentally friendly products created this lab. In the laboratory, along with the programming research and production programs , installed production entomophages number of Trichogramma, semyaed harmful parasites harmful worms zlotoglazki, ladybugs, habrobrakon, praying mantises.

The laboratory is equipped with modern appliances and equipment in a production environment.

The laboratory has the capability to produce the contract entomophages. Laboratory in 2008-2009. entered into an agreement with the district and farms Farkhor Hamadoni. In addition to lab-created special audience, where students conducted workshops on the schedule.