Electronic library

The electronic library of the Tajik Agrarian University named after Sh. Shokhtemur was founded in 2006. The database has 12,000 e-books and lectures, in which until 2011 were connected 10 computers.

In 2012, the number of computers reached till 30, the number of members of participents of the electronic library increased several times. The library will receive annually from 3,500 to 4,000 electronic copies of scientific, educational, industry, agricultural, economic, technical, art and magazines in form of Word, PDF, DjVuReader, HTML, PowerPoint.

In 2015, we began collecting e-library works in various scientific and educational events and collected more than 4,800 copies of electronic materials in Tajik, Russian and English.

All these materials were available to teachers and students, and today the university’s electronic library contains 39840 electronic products.