Council of women

The government of the Republic of Tajikistan pays great attention to the education, training and promotion of the role of girls and women in public life. 

The  women's Council, TAU them. Sh. Shotemur has been operating for more than 15 years, during which he has been providing assistance and support to the girls and women of the University in solving problems arising on various issues. 

The work of the Head оf the Council of women is primarily to provide timely socio-economic, educational and cultural support, as well as to raise the status of women in society.  

Currently, the training of highly qualified specialists from among the girls of the Republic is of great importance, in this aspect, much attention is paid to girls-quotas, both on the part of the Government and the leadership of TAU.  

In different years the activities of the women's Council was headed by: Nasyrova F., Fazylova T., Imaginova K., Yuldasheva N., Turdieva M., Mirzoeva N., Muhammadia D., J. Jamolova. They have made a significant contribution to maintaining the participation of University girls in public events, competitions, scientific conferences.  

Since 2018, the Chairman оf the Council of women of TAU is Kurbanova M. During the year, she managed to increase the level of socio-economic, educational, cultural, political and legal literacy of women working at the University, as well as to assist and strengthen their participation in the process of educational reforms, training and education of girls and ideological work, in order to prevent inappropriate actions, as well as to raise the self-esteem of women in society.  

For example: the women's Council regularly organizes meetings with women, with extensive life experience, who can share it in the education and involvement of girls in scientific and managerial work, career guidance, especially girls enrolled in the presidens quota.