Department of Culture

The department of culture in TAU was created in 1978, the head of which was Boev  G., and Khorkashev M. was supervisor of the club. On the initiative of G. Boev, after the competition of Amateur among students, the question was raised about the formation of a permanent center of Amateur among the winners of the competition. 

So, with the filing of the Chairman of the jury Hol Juraev was announced a competition for the best name of the Amateur club. In this competition, the best option was the name of the club - ensemble "Guldasta", which was proposed by the head of the Department of choreography of the Tajik Institute of arts named after M. Tursunzade, Professor Aziza Azizova. The first participants of this ensemble, from among the talented teachers and students of the University, were: J. Mousavi, A. Kholmatov , S. Bozorov, M. Ohunov. A. Sattorov , And Kataev, H. Najmiddinova, V. Nadjmiddinov A. Gurtov, H. Ubaidulloev, H. Faizullaev , M. Musoev,  Ismailova, Khaydarov. 

Since 1978, it has become a tradition to hold Amateur competitions between the faculties of the University. The ensemble "Guldasta" performed with concert numbers on the stages of such cities as Kiev, Simferopol, Yaroslavl, Chisinau, Gagarin, in cities and districts of the Republic of  Uzbekistan. In 1985, the ensemble and its 20 members became winners of the all-Union Amateur competition. 

According to the decision of the  Trade Union of the Republic Tajikistan from March 26, 1987, for the contribution to the education of young people, for active participation for the high level of talent ensemble "Guldasta" was awarded the title of national ensemble. In 1987, the folk ensemble "Guldasta", on the initiative of the Department of culture of the Executive Committee of Dushanbe took part in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the twin city of Dushanbe - Manastir in Tunisia. Ensemble concert performed in the cities of Monastir, Tabarka, Taberror, Cloud, Strong and Boccia. 

Since 1979, foreign students studying at the University have been involved in the ensemble, and a group of foreign students has been formed. During these years, became active participants: Sodik Muhammad, Najibulla Muhamedrahim, Mukhametkarim - Afghans, and also Alberto zero, Dahunsi Kenya, Habash, Karthik of Krishan from India, showed great interest and talent for singing songs in Tajik. 

In recent years, the ensemble "Guldasta" takes part in all city events, competitions, which are held between universities, and wins first place prizes. In the interuniversity competitions held between the universities of the capital, the ensemble also takes the first places. Every year the University holds a festival and a competition dedicated to historical dates, to which professional artists are invited to the jury, such as: honored artist of the Republic of Tajikistan, laureate of the prize. A. Rudaki, playwright and actor, Nurullo Abdulloev; the owner of the title "Honored worker of culture" K. Rakhimov and others who appreciate the activities of the ensemble "Guldasta".  A great contribution to the production of theatrical scenes and dance numbers, during theatrical events, was made by: Director Kodir  Rakhimov and candidate of economic Sciences Yuldasheva Nargis. 

At this time, the ensemble "Guldasta" has more than 60 members. Ensemble creativity: T. Radjabov, Review F., Salimov H.. Beks B., S. Sherov, Hikmatova M., Mirzad N., Ikramova M. Due to their active activities of the ensemble does not lose its popularity, and participate in all the activities of the capital and University.  In 2016, a member of the ensemble "Guldasta" R. Rajabov took part in the competition "Student song", which was organized between the universities of the Republic and became the winners of the competition. Honorary worker of culture of the Republic of Tajikistan G. Boyev tries to hold each event of the University at a high level. 

Since 2017, The Department of culture is headed by K. M. Nazarov. During this time, the ensemble "Guldasta" has been replenished with new young talents and still takes part in various national events and competitions, where it takes pride of place and receives high reviews.