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Center for advanced training of personnel of AGRO

Director of the Center for advanced training of AIC, professor Gulov S.M.

The Center for advanced training of ACI of the Tajik Agrarian University named after Sh.Shotemur supported by the University Management on the basis of the approved plan under the decree of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Education and Science, Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan and the decisions of the Scientific Council of the University, operates with the aim of professional development and retraining of teachers for all agricultural industries using scientific achievements of local and foreign scientists, interactive teaching methods.

Responding to the needs of the modern labor market, which makes high demands on a new type of specialist (the ability to make their own decisions, high awareness, insights, knowledge of modern technical means, etc.), there is a need for improvement and retraining of AIC and self-study students production conditions.

The Teachers’ Training Center of TAU consider their primary responsibility to educate professionals in the field of agriculture in different regions and districts of the republic.

Preparation of highly skilled professionals who meet the latest requirements for new production conditions mainly depends on the necessary changes of retraining and advanced training in ACI.

 For conducting lessons in the Center the most skilled masters are involved. Besides, scientists of Academy of agricultural sciences of Tajikistan (scientific research institutes of plant growing, forestry, land management, gardening, veterinary medicine and cattle breeding), workers and specialists of agricultural industry, Republican Academy of Sciences, Tajik National University, Tajik State Pedagogical University named after S. Ayni of Dushanbe city, Trade Union Federation of the Republic of Tajikistan, workers of ministries and production advancement are recommended

The students of training courses are acquainted with the achievements of modern science and technology, professional practice different branches of agriculture, the latest methods of production management, planning, implementation methods of the lease, the organization of farms, joint stock companies, management, marketing, tax, customs law, psychology, teaching experience, property privatization and ways of transition to a market economy.

Also students are able to improve knowledge of the effective use of land, increasing the productivity of crops, livestock, mechanization, production technology and agricultural reclamation. In the learning process students are introduced to the practice of developed countries.

This year, 50 students of teaching staff were trained to improve their professional qualifications. Including 45 persons completed a course at the Center for advanced training of the university and 5 people at the National University of Tajikistan.

The University Management pays great attention to the center of advanced training AIC.  In today's globalized learning process, training of scientific personnel, scientific and pedagogical experience exchange in all directions gives a good result.

In recent years the University Management pays special attention to the educational process in the work of the Center for advanced training and cooperation with universities in the CIS and foreign countries.

At present the university cooperates with 83 higher education institutions from 20 foreign countries, 16 foreign prestigious companies that operate in the direction of training young scientists, exchange of staff and students.

As part of the cooperation agreement and international projects students, undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists are sent for practical training and experience exchange (for a year).

The students have the opportunity for their further activities to use their knowledge obtained in the framework of fruitful cooperation and international experience with the use of modern technologies and technical achievements, learning and scientific research.

In academic year  2010-2014  as winner of the competition, students, masters and young teachers were directed to higher education institutions and international organizations in order to pass the practical training, the exchange of experiences for one year, and young teachers on retraining courses.

In the academic year 2010-2014 the University staff actively participated in 17 international programs. Currently the University collaborates iwith 15 international organizations:

 TEMPUS EPASAT № 517 313 (2011-2014) - Development of a curriculum for international Master's "Irrigation agricultural technology and water provision agriculture" for Tajikistan.

 TEMPUS CIBELES № 511172 DE -2010 (2010-2013) - Development of a curriculum for undergraduate "Environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources" - for Tajikistan.

TEMPUS TiSANEA №530786 (2013-2016) Using the method for determining the competence of the Tuning specialist.

TEMPUS MFQSE №544529 (2013-2016) «Modernization of higher education in the field of food quality safety" in Tajikistan.

TEMPUS FEEP №544293 (2013-2016) Foreign Language for Business Communication.

Project UniNet - «Eurasian – Pasific network of universities" (2011-2014). The participation of the teaching staff at conferences and seminars.

Erasmus Mundus - APKIA (ERASMUS MUNDUS - CASIA) - cooperation with the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan (2011-2014). The program for the exchange of students and teaching staff for training.

Erasmus Mundus - TOSCA (ERASMUS MUNDUS - TOSCA) - cooperation with the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan (2011-2014). The program for the exchange of students and teaching staff for training.

Erasmus Mundus - Astana (ERASMUS MUNDUS - eASTANA) - cooperation with the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan (2011-2014). The program for the exchange of students and teaching staff for training.

Project LOGO (Germany) -  Industrial and educational practice for students (2014).

Weihenstephan University - (Germany) - practical training and training in the magistracy. (2014).

The impact of climate change on the environment in Tajikistan and China (2014).

 Use of Land and Food Security in conjunction with the reform of land use in Tajikistan (2013-2014).

The United Nations (2013-2014) "Improvement of veterinary education to meet the needs of farmers and other stakeholders."

Improving the capacity, management and use of pastures. (2013-2014).

The World Bank №R132652 (2014) "Commercialization of agriculture."

Cooperation Agreement with the Company scientific technology of agriculture, Xinjiang Agricultural University, China (2014). Joint Research Centre of high yielding varieties and hybrids of cotton in Tajikistan.

It should be noted that in 2014 23 foreign scientists  from the countries of the Near and Far Abroad in various fields, including in the field of reclamation, veterinary medicine, agronomy, representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, LOGO, Weihenstephan - Trizdorf, World Bank specialty departments held lectures, seminars and round tables with the participation of students, and young scientists. They also participated at scientific conferences.

In recent years cooperation with universities of the near and far abroad develops. Over the past four years every year 75-80 university staff  have business trips to the CIS and foreign countries.

The teachers , the graduate students and the undergraduates on the basis of a bilateral agreement , namely Xinjiang Agricultural University (China), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Moscow Agricultural Academy  named after Timiryazev (Moscow) , Agrarian State University of St. Petersburg , LOGO and Weihenstephan - Scientific practical University of  Trizdorf (Germany), University of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), an international organization " JICA " (Japan)  had refresher courses and training that were paid by international organizations.

During the year there are training courses in foreign languages at the university. With the support of the "Services of scientific exchange of the Federal Republic of Germany" held courses of German, after which each year from 4 to 7 students are sent to the Federal Republic of Germany in order to have the technological and industrial practice and training in the magistracy.