Departmen of "Agrochemistry and SOIL Sciences


Ibrokhimov Nasim Shogadoevich,
head of Departmentof “Agrochemistry and Soil Sciences”, Candidate of Agricultural Science, Associated Professor

 Department of Agrochemistry and soil science is a peer of the Institute and was established jointly with the Department of "General agriculture". Since 1938 it operates independently. Its first head was honored worker of science of the Republic of Tajikistan, Professor A. M. Mesheryakov (1938-1980). The Department has made a great contribution to the training of professionals and agricultural producers of soil scientists. The Department is one of the most important centers of research work in the field of Agrochemistry and soil science.

In the field of agricultural chemistry and soil science the main research task of the department is the analysis of the principles and methods of fertilization advisory service, partly through the use of different models. Additionally, on-going researches reveal the impact of nutrition on cultivated crops (plant development, yield, quality characteristics, disease resistance, fodder value; the diversity of grasslands) and the relationships between soil test data and nutrient element effects. The calculation of nutrient balances on field, farm, regional and national scale is also among the activities of the department.

Employees of the Department are constantly addressing the issues of improving the quality of teaching, students ' knowledge, strengthen communication studies and science with production. The Department staff attaches great importance to teaching and research, as an important factor in increasing the achievement of students in the disciplines of the Department.









The Department offers four specially equipped laboratories in Agrochemistry and soil science. Currently, the Department has  1 professor, 3 candidates of Sciences, associate professors, 2 senior lecturers, 2 assistant, 1 laborant.

In the years of its existence the Department has trained more than 800 specialists’ agricultural producers-soil scientists, and more than 200 specialists of this sector have undergone training courses in this specialty.
Experts prepared by the Department, working in agriculture, the regional laboratories of chemistry, research laboratories, and national projections and outside the Republic. Many of the enhancements presented by teachers, applied in production.

Two manuals prepared by the staff of the Department, approved by the Ministry of agriculture and the Ministry of justice will be used in the State design Institute "Tojikzaminsoz".