Department “Crop and fodder production”

KODIROV Kobiljon Gafurovich,

head of the Department of agriculture and fodder production, doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor

The Department of Crop and fodder production one of the oldest departments in the University. It is based since its Foundation in 1931.  The goal of the subject is to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies in the area of forage crops cultivation and production in areas with climate of central Europe. The issue of permanent grasslands (meadows and pastures) will be shortly introduced. 

Students will learn about management of temporary mixtures of grasses and legumes and annual forage crops, including harvest technology and their preservation. Students get acquainted with qualitative parameters forage, development in growing areas compared to other states. The classes include also principles of the forage production plans on farm level for cattle and about crop rotations which support improvement of soil health and fertility. Students will acquire specialized skills and abilities and will be able to integrate knowledge from related fields (Soil, Plant Physiology, Nutrition of farm animals, Plant Protection, Microbiology).

The department has two specialties:


740201-2502- Agronomist-management.

74020101- Pastures.