Department Land Reclamation, Recultivation and protection of land

Pulatov Shavkat



Pulatov Shavkat Yarashevich,

head of Department of the  Land Reclamation, Recultivation and protection of land, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

The department is of the same age as the irrigation and drainage department, was founded in 1951. The first head of the department until 1954 was Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Bonchkovsky F.N. In 1954 to 1960, the department was headed by Professor Besednov N.A., then from 1960 to 1972 - Yarmolinsky E.A., and in subsequent years the department was headed by: Tkachenko B.N., Supolkin G.A., Yuldoshev A.Yu., Ibragimov H.G., professor Nurmatov N.K., professor Ikromov I.I.

From 2015 to the present day, the department is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Pulatov S.Ya.

Currently, in the department work Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ikromov II,  Candidate of  Economical Sciences, Associate Professor Umarova L.D., Senior Lecturer Rakhimov M.A., Assistants Muminov S.Sh., Dzhuraeva M.A., Paishanbiev R. and Rajabov M.

In recent years, teachers of the department have written and published 6 textbooks, more than 30 guidelines for the implementation of term papers and dissertations, including for practical and laboratory classes.

Teachers of the department conduct classes in 15 disciplines for students of the irrigation and drainage faculty, as well as at the faculties: agribusiness, agronomical, fruit and vegetable.

To improve the quality of education, teachers of the department prepared more than 120 training materials (presentations, tables, graphics and other visual materials), the use of which in the classroom contribute to better learning by students of the material studied.

Every year, students of the faculty undergo training and work experience in the Agency of Land Reclamation and Irrigation under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Along with pedagogical activities, teachers conduct scientific work. According to the results of research work of scientists of the department, 8 monographs and 20 brochures were printed, in the form of suggestions and recommendations, and more than 600 scientific articles.

Every year, graduate students and applicants of the department make presentations at international and national conferences. On the basis of research and the introduction of inventions in various zones of the Republic of Tajikistan, 8 post-graduate students and applicants of the department (Gulomdzhonov AG, Kamoliddinov A.K., Mamadnazarov I.M., Sayfulloev T.Kh., Pulatov S.Ya., Ikromov I.I., Mirzoev M.M. defended Candidate of Technical Sciences and two (Nurmatov N.K., Ikromov I.I.) Doctoral dissertations in dissertation councils of Moscow, Tashkent and Bishkek.

Teachers of the department, along with research and teaching activities, are engaged in educational work. Education is the key to the development of modern society and the state. In this regard, the “Young Meliorator” circles operate at the department, in which 25 promising students of the faculty are employed.

Also at curatorial hours, teachers of the department strive to educate worthy individuals with high moral qualities, which are made up of love for the Motherland, respect for parents, love for the profession, etc. Curators conduct conversations on various cultural, educational and political topics, including from circulation The leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, dear Emomali Rakhmon: “Youth is the future of the nation”, “The creative force of the country”, etc. Together with the students, they participate in various cultural and political events city ​​and university: Independence Day, Flag Day, Mehrgon, Nowruz, Sada, etc., at a conference on the new international 10th anniversary of the water, "Water for Sustainable Development"..

From the day of its foundation, the department has close scientific and methodological ties with all universities and research centers of “Hydro technical and Melioration” of the CIS countries.