Department of ‘’Anatomy, Histology and Pathological Physiology’’

Nazarov ShamsulloNAZAROV Shamullo Khimatovich,

head of the Department Anatomy, Histology and Pathological Physiology, assistant professor,  candidate of veterinary science


The department of ‘’Anatomy and Zoology of farm animals’’ which was headed by Kanavalova M.F. Later the department had been renamed  to ‘’Anotomy, Histology and  Pathological Physiology head docent Majidov F.N. Now the head of department is docent Nazarov Sh. The docents K.Nurmatov., senior teacher Zokirov F., assistants S.Isovaliev., A.K Halikova., work at this department. The special classrooms equipped  with many  patterns, skeletons and different stuffed animals  are available in department, which are being using for the lessons. The museums of anatomy and pathology anatomy are functioning in department. The teachers of the department use different technical teaching techniques. Three candidates monographs have been defended Mansurova M.U., Muhiddinov A.N. and Jumaev M. Besides it was published five scientific works more than 80 scientific works ’’textbooks’’, ’’Anatomy and domestic animals’’, ’’phisiology abortion of animals’’, methodical learning subjects; ’’Anatomy and Mophology of domestic animals and birds and methodical method ’’About  pathological physiology’’. Every year more than 10-students involve to scientific study and communities attract to scientific research works by the department.

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