Department of breeding and genetics of farm animals


DAMINOVA Karomat Holmakhmadovna,
head of the department of breeding and genetics of farm animals, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

The head of the department, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Daminova Karomat Holmakhmadovna, after 8 years of coexistence with the department of animal husbandry in 1955, separated in different years in charge of a number of professors and associate professors –Altshuler B (1955-1958) T. Vannovsky. (1958-1960) S. Farsikhanov (1961-1975) Soldatenkov N.I. (1975-1978) Lee T.T. (1978-1989) Umarov M.U. (1989 -1993) Khaitov A.Kh. (1993-2003) Shamsiev A.G. (2003-2005) Kodirov, TA (2005-2007) Shamsiev, AG (2007-2015) Mastov A.J. (2015-2018). From October 1, 2018 to this day, the department is headed by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Daminova K.Kh.

From 1955 to 1977 the department at the faculty and the university was called the department of breeding, and since 1977 is called the department of breeding and genetics of farm animals, the department’s staff teach students of the faculties accounting, veterinary, economic, zooengineering, selection with basic zootechnical, genetics, the basis of selection and genetics, genetics of fish breeding, the foundations of animal husbandry and biotechnology. In this work, great merit belongs to Professor Nazarov N.E., associate professors N.A. Radzhabov, A.D. Mastov A.J. To the senior teacher Daminova K.Kh., and assistant Nazarov A.А., Turaevu S.O., Khairulloevoy Kh.I., Ruziyev Kh.T.,

The former head of the department, Dr. Dr. G. Shamsiev, in 2002, for the breeding achievement of the new Tajik horse breed, was awarded by the interstate approbation commission as the author of the new breed.

For the training sessions the department is provided with classrooms and a lecture hall. These study rooms are provided with visual aids with large electronic screens, posters, and laboratory supplies. Laboratory practical classes are held on new methodological manuals. Teachers of the department printed manuals for training and theoretical studies.

Associate Professor Kasymov RB is the author of the textbook "Genetics" (2000), Professor Shamsiev AG the author of the book “Tajik horse breed” and a methodological guide on horse riding lessons (2014), professor Rakhimov Sh. T., Amirshoev FS, textbook “Biotechnology of agricultural animals and its modern problems (2008) Textbook“ Genetics with the basics of biotechnology (2008 ) Professor Kosimov R.A., Senior Lecturer Fayzulloev A.A., and Assistant Nazarov A.A., “Genetics for Practical Classes and SRPRMKMRO (2015) Assistant Professors Rajabov N.A., Mastov A.J., Art. teacher Fayzulloev A.A., Daminova K.Kh., “practical classes on breeding”,

Under the guidance of professors Khayitov A.Kh., Rakhimov Sh.T., young scientists in 1998 Shamsiev A.G., in 1999 Amirshoev F.S., in 2001 and Rajabov N.A., in 2005 Mastov A.J., 2012 Daminova K.Kh., in 2016 Fayzulloev A.A., in 2018 defended their master's theses. In December 2008, the head of the department, A. Shamsiev, under the direction of the Honored Worker of the Republic, an active member (TAAS) Professor A. Gaffarov, in the All-Russian Institute of the Russian Confederation of the Russian Federation, defended his doctoral dissertation.

The composition of the department’s scientists is the work of a sub-basement of research and research topics: Improving the breed of Tajik horses (Shamsiev A.G.) and Creating new types of Gissar sheep (Khaitov A. Kh., Radjabov N.A.) More than 300 scientists present the scientific topics of this department. - scientific papers.