Department of Economic Theory


ASHUROV Shuhrat  Abdulvojidovich,
head of the Department of Economic Theory, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

The Department of Political Economy would have been established in 1964, later, in 1996, it was renamed, and became known as the

Department of Economic Theory. 

Over the years, the department was headed:

• 1964-1996. - Doctor of Economics, Professor Mirakilov T.M.
• 1996-2005 - Doctor of Economics, Professor AE Ergashev
• 2005-2006. - Doctor of Economics, Professor I.H. Samandarov
• 2006 - Associate Professor Olimov A.Kh.
• 2007 - Associate Professor Baeva N.Kh.
• 2007-2010. Doctor of Economics, Professor J. S. Piriyev
• 2010-2016. Doctor of Economics, Professor Ashurov I.S.
• 2016-2018. Associate Professor Boboev Sh.K.

From 2018 to the present, the head of the department is Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Ashurov Sh.A.

Department staff: Yusupova D.S., associate professor, Baeva N.Kh., Associate Professor, Ashurov Sh.A.-assistant Professor, Teachers: Nazarov S., Kabirov S.J., Vakhidov R.J. and F. Abdualimov.

Teachers of the department conduct classes in the following subjects: economic theory, pricing for full-time and distance education students, at the departments of the economic direction of TAU. According to the internal order of the university and, directly, with the support of the leadership of the agrarian university, the contents of lectures on the subjects of the department were prepared, the electronic version of which is available in the electronic library of the agricultural university.

Teachers of the department conduct lectures and practical exercises at a high professional level, using modern teaching methods. In order to prepare highly qualified personnel that meet the requirements of a market economy, teachers of the department have developed and published several methodological manuals and instructions on the subjects of the department, including: a short course, lectures, syllabuses, methodological manuals and guidelines for preparing undergraduate and master's graduation works, and also writing term papers. Teachers of the department, along with teaching, conduct research, according to the approved plan, on the topic: “Development of a market economy in the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Tajikistan”, including writing reports and publishing scientific articles. In the past fifteen years, more than 20 postgraduate students who have successfully defended dissertations have completed their scientific work at the department with a degree.

Teachers of the department are the curators of academic groups. Educational work is carried out throughout the year at curatorial hours, as well as curators meet with parents of students.

During curatorial hours with students, conversations are held on various cultural, educational, ideological, spiritual, political, patriotic topics, and explanatory work is being done on the political and economic situation in the republic, on the role and importance of highly qualified specialists of the agro-industrial complex for the economy of the republic.

The teachers of the department together with the students take an active part in public, cultural, political events of the university and the department.