Department of English language

  SHODIEV Jamakhon  Tursunovich,
the head of English department, senior teacher


In 2002, the Department of English was separated from the Department of Languages into an independent department at the faculty for work with foreign students, which until 2010 was headed by the senior teacher Shamsherov K. Ch. Currently, the head of the department is the senior teacher Shodiev J. T. 

Teachers of the department conduct lecture and practical classes in English and German for first andsecond-year and correspondence students in all faculties of the university, as well as for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The purpose of practical classes in the English language is to improve the skills and abilities of practical knowledge of English in various fields of communication. 

For learning a foreign language in the classroom, teachers of the department, in addition to traditional types of work, use the following types of work with students:
- reading newspapers, magazines, art works in English and German;
- meeting and talking with foreign guests;
- the use of Internet classes, e-mail;
- communication with foreign friends 

Teachers of the department pay great attention to scientific and methodological work. At this time, the scientific theme of the department is: "Comparative analysis of parts of speech in English and Tajik languages", in which teachers of the department write and publish articles, as well as participate in scientific and methodological conferences of the university. 

The department has developed  a new curriculum (syllabus) in the subjects of English and German, in accordance with the requirements of modern times and in accordance with the requirements of higher education. In recent years, teachers of the department prepared and published: 1 textbook on the English language, 6 textbooks and teaching aids, several dictionaries in the field. 

The department closely cooperates with such foreign organizations as ITEC, DAAD, ERASMUS MUNDUS, TEMPUS, etc., where the teachers of the department take advanced training courses.