Department of "Forestry and landscape construction"


KHOLOV Zafar Nahtuloevich,
head of forestry  and landscape construction department, candidate of agricultural Sciences, associate Professor 

Solution for the creation of the Department of Forestry and landscape construction was adopted in 1996, however, began to function only in 1998 at the faculty of horticulture and agricultural biotechnology under the name of the department of forestry. Training personnel produced by specialty Forestry. The founder of the department and the first head was a doctor of biological sciences, a professor Nimajanova K.N., who led 14 years. In 2007, a new specialty was opened on 26.05.00 “Landscape Construction” and the department was renamed “Forestry and Landscape Construction”.

Currently, the department prepares bachelors in two specialties: 1- "Forestry and forest science" and 1-75.02.01 "Park economy", as well as masters in these specialties. In 2013-2015, Associate Professor Sattorov Dzh.S was in charge Currently head this department, associate professor Kholov Z.N.

To create the department and ensure the educational process, experienced production workers and graduates of the central universities of Russia, Ukraine and others were involved.

Currently, faculty members fully meet the requirements of the State Standard. The department was staffed by graduates of this department. Professors work at the department: D.B.Sc. Akhmadov Hukmatullo Makhmudovich, academician , doctor biological sciences, professor, Nimajanova Kimyojon, academician of  TO MANVSh, associate professors: Kholov Zafar Naatuloevich, Khudoyќulov Bakhtovar Subhonovich, teacher Karimov Kasan Saifulloevich, assistant Sheraliev Ziyodullo Abduganiyevich. Four are graduates of this department.

The department for the time of its existence has prepared 126 specialists, 217 bachelor, 7 masters in forestry and 103 bachelor, 2 masters in landscape construction.

The number of applicants wishing to enroll in these specialties from year to year increases. Currently, the department enrolled 227 students, of which 147 in forestry and 78 in landscape construction.

The professors of the department have achieved success in the preparation of scientific personnel of candidates and doctors of science. By them trained 13 candidates of science and 2 doctors of science, most of whom work in universities and research institutions of the republic.

Specialists who prepare the department receive a full course of knowledge in forestry, forestry, forests of Tajikistan, seed production, nursery, forest cultures, ornamental horticulture, floriculture, forest management, forest reclamation, etc.

Students undergo practical training in the respective farms, where they collect scientific data on the basis of which they write a thesis. Some works by students publish as a scientific article in journals or in materials of a scientific conference.


Graduates of the department can work in various structures of forestry, ecology, recreation parks, etc. They contribute to the creation and organization of work of recreation parks, landscaping industrial enterprises, residential buildings, administrative buildings, forest parks in cities, towns and other settlements. The department trains personnel for forestry and recreation parks and cities, regions of the republic.

To ensure the productivity of the educational process, teachers of the department published textbooks and teaching aids in the state language. Including: 15 textbooks, 16 teaching aids for laboratory and practical classes, 23 for teaching aids, 5 for completing term papers and projects, 2 for writing diploma works for bachelor and master, 2 for passing educational and work experience, and t .d The electronic version of all teaching aids is available on the university's email, which can be used by all students, masters, and graduate students.

The teachers of the department along with the pedagogical activity and perform research work on two topics, as well as attract students. According to the results of research, 5 teachers of the department defended their thesis, published about 450 scientific articles and received 2 Patents. Professors of the department Akhmadov Kh.M. and Nimajanova K.N. 7 monographs have been published.

The team of teachers of the department annually participate in international, republican and university scientific conferences, where they make reports on the results of their own research.

The department is in close contact with the Forestry Agency under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the office of improvement of cities and districts under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as parks of culture and recreation. These structures have an agreement with the department and are the basis for the educational and practical training of students.

Education of students is one of the main parts of the work of the university. Therefore, all teachers of the department are the curators of academic groups and conduct educational activities in the curatorial hour, where all the problems of the week are discussed. Work is underway on cultural education, loyalty to the homeland, national pride, protection of national, historical and cultural values, preservation of friendship and mutual understanding between the youth of the country.

The staff of the Department of Forestry and Landscape Construction strives to multiply the department’s assets in raising the levels of educational work, to prepare personnel meeting modern requirements so that they can be a beacon in forestry and landscape construction in cities, towns and districts of the Republic of Tajikistan.