Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Sherov Davron



SHEROV Davron Davlatmurodovich,

head of Department of the Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

The Department of Geodesy and Geoinformatics was organized in 2015, in accordance with the decision of the Council of Scientists of the University, the department was separated from the Department of Land management. At this department conduct scientific and teaching activities: candidate of agricultural sciences, corresponding member of the Engineering Academy of the Republic of Tajikistan, associate professors Akramov A.A., Ph.D. assistant professor Mirzoev M.M., teaches lecturers: Sherov D.D., Oev O.T., Kodirova Z.A., Turaev A.A., Safarov H.N., Goibov B., assistants: Abdullobekov B.S. ., Kadyrov B.A., Abdulloev S.I., Mirzoeva B.M., Davlyatova Sh.N., laboratory assistant Badridinova B. At the moment, the head of the department is a senior lecturer Sherov D.D.

Teachers of the department give lectures, conduct practical and laboratory classes for students of land management and geodesy of the faculty in the specialty 1-560101 "Land management", 1-560200 "Geodesy", 1-31020103 Geography (geogeography)", hydromelological faculty in the specialty 1-740501 "melioration and water management", 1-70040101 "Hydrographic construction" 1-70040304 "Rational use and protection of water resources" 1-740501-2501 "Melioration economics and water management", as well as at the faculties of agronomy and horticulture and agricultural biotechnology.

Sherov Davron

To improve the quality of education and the effective conduct of classes, the teachers of the department fully use modern technical teaching aids, geodetic instruments and equipment that are available at the department, more than 12 items. Lectures, practical and laboratory classes are conducted based on a standard and working program that correspond to international programs. Teachers of the department prepare lectures, guidelines for graduation projects, treng aids, textbooks. In particular, A. Akramov, co-authored the textbook “Scientific and practical foundations of land management and geodesy”, associate professor Mirzoev M.M. and senior teacher Oiev O.T. developitext book "Geodesy and Introduction to GPS". Theoretical, practical and laboratory classes are conducted based on standard programs, work programs (syllabuses) and methodological developments adopted from universities in the Far and Near Abroad.

All the teachers of the department are involved and conduct research work, in accordance with the scientific plan of the university, together with the department of land management, on the heme: "The impact of land reform on the efficiency of arable land use".

In accordance with the dictates of the times and the transition to market relations, there are requirements for highly qualified specialists, therefore, in cooperation with various universities, seminars, research work, refresher courses and other training courses are organized, which are necessary for studying geodetic instruments and new programs for geodesy, etc.