Department of Land Administration and Cadastre

Hasanov anvar


HASANOV Anvar Azamovich,

head of Department  of Land Administration and Cadastre, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor



The department was founded in March 1996. The head of the department is Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Khasanov A.A. Currently, the teachers of the department are conducting research work in the direction of "Use and protection of irrigated lands in the process of land reform" and "Monitoring of land use in the cadastral zones of the Republic of Tajikistan."

The teachers of the department give lectures and conduct laboratory classes in the following subjects: Landmanagement drawing, GIS in landmanagement, Land cadastre, Landmanagement design, Land monitoring, Forecasting and use of land resources, etc. The tasks that the teachers of the department set for themselves are: improving the quality of classes and students' knowledge, convergence of theory and practice, applying the skills acquired during training in practice and the ability to make professional and independent decisions.

For the effectiveness of the educational process, the teachers of the department developed and published several textbooks and teaching aids in their native language, such as the Fundamentals of Landmanagement, Land cadastre, Cartography and Certification and Standardization. They constantly take advanced training courses, speak at international, republican and intra-university conferences with reports, scientific articles, etc. Currently, specialists, land surveyors and the land cadastre are being trained in the departments in two areas.

The department closely cooperates with the State University for Land Management in Moscow, TIIAME in Tashkent, with the Kazakh Agrarian University named after Seifullina, universities of China, Sweden, Germany, Hungary.