Department of Microbiology and Epizootology

Rahmatzoda N



RAHMATZODA Nakhtullo Rahmat,

head of the department of microbiology and epizootology, doctor of biological sciences, professor


The department of microbiology and epizootology was established in 1966 on the basis of the Faculty of veterinary medicine and was called the department of parasitology, epizootology and veterinary sanitary examination. Its first head was doctor of veterinary sciences, professor I.S. Avеsalomov (1966-1986). In subsequent years, the name of the department was renamed several times, in connection with the opening of new departments at the faculty, and as a result, the department was named and remains to this day the department of microbiology and epizootology. During her activity, the heads of the department were:  associate professor B.G. Mataev (1986-1990), associate professor A.G. Mustakimov (1990-1997),  professor D.M. Mirzoev (1997-2000), professor Yerboev N.E. (2000-2004), associate professors: Shabolov A.Sh. (2004-2007), Davlatmurodov T.M. (2007-2014), Idiev K.U. (2014-2016), Sharipov M.A. (2016-2020).

Currently, the head of the department is Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Rakhmatzoda N.R.

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The department trains specialists in the following specialties: 1-74 03 02 - veterinarian, 1-74 03 72 - veterinary pharmacist, 1-74 03 04 - veterinary sanitation.  The teaching staff of the department give lectures, conduct practical and laboratory classes in the following disciplines: veterinary microbiology and immunology, food microbiology, virology, epizootology and infectious diseases of animals, economics and organization of veterinary work for bachelors and masters - fundamentals of scientific research in the field of veterinary medicine and fundamentals of bioethics and biosafety.

Over the years, the department has worked and trained highly qualified personnel in this field: Nabiev D.N., Dzhumaev N.S., Kosimov K.T., Kuseltan I.V., Bocharnikov N.G., Shabolov A.S., Muminov A., Mustakimov A.G. Dzhumaeva R.O., Vazirov S.S., Mirzoev D.M., Mirzoev M.M., Rajabov H., Rakhmatzoda N.R., Sattori I., Khabibov A.H., Shodiboeva R.H., Sattorov N.R., Davlatmurodov T.M., Idiev K.U., Sharipov M. A. and other teachers who are the pride of the department.

Currently, the department employs professors Rakhmatzoda N.R., Yоrboyev N., Mirzoev D.M., Sattori I., senior lecturer Safaraliev A.R., teachers Rabiev H.M., Shoimardonov Yu.B., who make a worthy contribution to the training of high-level specialists.


 Over the 30 years of independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Department has made significant progress. Here is a simple example: since the establishment of the faculty, none of the graduates in Soviet times received a doctorate. Thanks to the independence and comprehensive support of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, which has recognized the education sector as a priority sector of society, the number of doctors of sciences in the field of microbiology and veterinary immunology, virology and epizootology, fungi and fungi is growing, their number has reached 12 people, of which 2 are academicians of Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 1 is a corresponding member of Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The number of candidates of sciences has also doubled. Only during this period, the teachers of the department became holders of 35 patents and other copyright certificates. The department pays special attention to the preparation of educational materials in the state language. To date, the staff of the department has prepared and published 25 textbooks, 50 teaching aids in the state language.

During this period of independence of the country, for teaching academic disciplines, professors and teachers of the department published textbooks: "General and private epizootology" (I.Sattori, N.R.Khasanov), "General Microbiology" (I. Sattori, N.R. Khasanov, N.R. Sattorov), "Veterinary Immunology" (I. Sattori, N.R. Khasanov, N.R. Sattorov), "Private Microbiology" (I. Sattori, N.R. Khasanov, N.R. .R. Sattorov), "Animal Bacteriosis (Rakhmatzoda N.R.), "Animal viruses" (Rakhmatzoda N.R.), "Microbiology and Veterinary Immunology" (I. Sattori, N.R. Khasanov, N.R. Sattorov), "Mycoses and mycotoxicoses of animals" (Rakhmatzoda N.R.), "Veterinary sanitary examination" (Mirzoev D.M.), "Infectious diseases of birds" (Rakhmatzoda N.R.), "Infectious diseases of bees" (Rakhmatzoda N.R.), "Infectious diseases of fish" (Rakhmatzoda N.R.), "Private epizootology" (Rakhmatzoda N.R.), "General epizootology with veterinary sanitation". (Rakhmatzoda N.R.), "Epizootology and infectious diseases of animals" (Rakhmatzoda N.R.).

In honor of the date of the 30th anniversary of State independence and the 90th anniversary of the Tajik Agrarian University named after Sh.Shohtemur, textbooks "Biotechnology" and "Infectious and invasive diseases of horses", part 2 were published. (Rakhmatzoda N.R.). The work of scientists in the development of biological therapeutic and preventive materials for animal diseases is also significant. Thanks to the efforts of the scientists of the department, especially Academician I. Sattori I. his students created chemotherapeutic drugs: DS-1100, Shodmon, Dibacuprol, Vitagin, Lactovit, Albacuprol, probiotics Subtilben, Laxubtil, Subtilgen, Subtilafk and other numerous therapeutic and prophylactic drugs for the treatment and prevention of diseases based on domestic raw materials.


The research direction of the scientists of the department is conducted on the topic "Epizootological monitoring of infectious and invasive diseases of livestock and food security of the Republic of Tajikistan for 2021-2025 in livestock farms".

The topic of the research work of the department is "The study of the effect of infection with atypical mycobacterium helminthiasis on the manifestation of allergic tuberculin reactions in cattle, for 2021-2025.". According to the research results, 35 scientific articles have been published and 8 patents have been obtained.

During the activity of the department, 12 doctoral and 24 candidate dissertations were defended. Also, the department organized a circle "Infection and immunity", in which all interested students actively participate.

The scientific research of the teachers of the department is focused on the prevention and control of infectious diseases of humans and animals. Since the establishment of the department, its staff has presented more than 1,500 scientific articles, prepared 250 teaching aids and recommendations, 40 patents and copyright certificates, which plays an important role in the activities of veterinary specialists in production and specialists working in research institutions of the country and abroad.

The department has 2 educational laboratories, which are equipped with the latest equipment. Also, here applicants, masters and doctoral students conduct research on current topics.


In the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of microbiology and epizootology at the department, the role of such scientific centers as the All-Russian Experimental Veterinary Institute is great. Kovalenko, the Moscow Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Scriabin, the All-Russian Experimental Veterinary Institute of the Far East, the Veterinary Institute of IVT and the Institute of Biosafety of IVT and the Tajik State Medical University named after Abu Ali ibn Sino, with which the staff of the department closely cooperates.