Department of "Military"


SHAMSUDINOV Kamol Asoevich, head of the military Department, colonel


 Military Department of TAU is one of the first military departments in our country. In 1941, at the beginning of the great Patriotic war, a military Cabinet was formed.  His task was to attract all students, professors, teachers of the University to the military training. Students and teachers, after training went to the defense of the Motherland and on the battlefields showed all their fortitude and heroism.

In 1944, the military Cabinet of the University was transformed into a military Department, the leadership of which was headed by a member of the great Patriotic war:  colonel N. S. Rytikov. In the postwar years worked at the Department officers, past all the difficulties of the second world war: N. E. Polyakov, K. Sharipov, E. N. Kantaria, V. N. Vasilenko, A. H. Borisov, G. D. Agarkov, etc. In different years the Department was headed by colonel E. N. Kantaria (1949-1950) N.E. Polykov (1950-1954), A. Irkaev (1954-1960), colonel Valik N. B.

In January 1961, by order of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the USSR, military departments in institutions and secondary special institutions were disbanded, including TAU.

In August 1965, by order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR from March 15, 1965. and decree of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from may 2, 1965, in the Agricultural University was newly established military Department, under the leadership of Colonel A. M. Vlasov.

From January 1982 to 1993 the head of the Department was Colonel R. D. Roy.  It should be noted that after the formation of the National army, the military Department was headed by Colonel Avazali Bektashev (1993-1993), then Colonel Yuldosh Sharipov (1993-1997), Colonel Emomali Khaitov (1997-2001), Colonel Asror Salimov (2001-2008). Colonel Ismoilov Jurabek from 2008 to 2009 fulfilled duties of the head of the military Department from 2008-2009 After this duty was performed by Colonel booth, Gulmahmad Toirovich from 2009 to 2017 At present, 2017 the head of the military Department TAU them. Sh. Shotemur is Colonel Shamsudinov Kamol Isaevich.

The military Department of TAU was awarded the Red flag of the Central Asian Military district and 7 times diplomas from the commander-in-chief of the country.

Military Department, for 26 years of activity, has trained more than 13,000 reserve officers, some of whom serve in the Armed forces of the Republic of Tatarstan and other military units. 


Military Department was organized on the basis of joint order of the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of education of the Republic of Tajikistan, № 72/73, dated 20.04.1994 At the present time the activities of the military Department is carried out in accordance with article 17 of the Code of the Republic of Tajikistan "On universal military duty and military service", the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On education"; resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, №344, from 30.05.2014; "Regulations on the organization of training in the military departments in higher educational state institutions", decree of the Minister of defence of the Republic of Tajikistan, № 485, dated 26.07.2014 and the order of the Minister of education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan, № 1576, от29.07.2014 "On approval of normative legal responsibilities pertaining to the military Department specialized higher educational state institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan", decree of the Minister of defence of the Republic of Tajikistan №587, dated 06.09.2014 and Statute on universal military duty.

The Military Department is to prepare students in two specialties:

1.            MOS - 021001-commander of a rifle platoon of infantry.

2.            MOS - 420100-assistant commander for weapons company. 

The educational process at the military Department of TAU consists of four cycles:

1.            Tactical training cycle; 

2.            General military training cycle;

3.            Firearms training cycle;

4.            Technical training cycle.

Planning of academic work per semester:

2 - course – fourth semester

3 - course – fifth and sixth semesters 

4 - course – seventh and eighth semesters

5 - course – ninth semester

The total number of officers in the military Department of TAU. Sh. Shotemur, according to the state, 14 people.

Head of the educational Department, Deputy Department Colonel S. S. Karimov, the head of the General-military training cycle training, Colonel Calendarpad I. M.; head-cycle technical training Lieutenant Safarov Z. F.; head of the cycle of firearms training Colonel Kodirov, S. A.; chief of the tactical training cycle Lieutenant Colonel Camilien H.; senior lecturer of General-military training cycle training Lieutenant Colonel Wesley A. N.; senior lecturer of the course of technical training Colonel Habibov S. S., lecturer of the course of technical training major Kariev TZ; senior lecturer of the course of firearms training Mariestad Lieutenant-Colonel D. M.; senior lecturer of the course of tactical training of Koriev B. U.; lecturer of the course tactical training Lieutenant Suleymanzada B. S.; Executive in charge for human resources, the senior warrant officer Nosirov H. B.; leading specialist Adilov K., senior lecturer of the course of technical training major stock of Miraliev I., lecturer of the course firearm training of young reserve Lieutenant B. Kosimov, etc.

At the military Department of the Tajik agrarian University named after sh. Shotemur, the educational process is carried out in accordance with the order of the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Tajikistan, the order of the Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Charter of the Armed forces of the Republic of Tajikistan, directives and other normative documents.  On the basis of these documents, the Department developed action plans to strengthen military discipline, according to which daily explanatory work is carried out among students, in order to awaken in them a sense of patriotism, love and devotion to the Motherland, courage, tolerance, mutual respect.

-according to the plan of activities of military training – patriotism of students, meetings are held: "Tasks of military training in the new academic year", "Military equipment and prospects for its development", "Behavior of officers of the Armed forces of the Republic of  Tajikistan", "Independence of Tajikistan", as well as separate conversations about the relationship between students in the team, including students are brought to all the items of the annual Message of the President of the country Majlisi Oli. It should be noted that on 21.02.2009 a General meeting was held in the Assembly hall of the faculty of Zooengineering, dedicated to the 27th anniversary of the Armed forces of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Military training - Patriotic education is one of the most important tasks of the National concept of education, according to which the military Department operates. This contributes to the improvement of the moral and political, military qualities among students and to strengthen the ideological and spiritual values for the performance of sacred constitutional duty is to protect the homeland, in this regard, all the efforts of the officers aimed at instilling and strengthening these qualities of students.

Documentation of the military Department is fully implemented in accordance with the law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On the State language of the Republic of Tajikistan”. All curricula, curricula, teaching materials, class journals, visual material in classrooms and classrooms are carried out in accordance with the act.

-To date, 76 posters and instructions have been translated into the state language at the military Department.

- Meetings of the military Department are held according to the annual plan, where topical issues are discussed and resolutions are adopted.

- At the military Department is instructed for officers on duty around the clock,.

-Enforced rules for use of all buildings, machinery, and rules for the use of training equipment allocated to the military Department. Clean classrooms and fire safety measures on the territory of the military Department are observed.

-Correctly put military discipline in the Department. To strengthen discipline at the military Department held meetings and meetings on the part of its head, chief of staff for military training of the Ministry of defense of the Republic of Tajikistan. Including, for the purpose of prevention of violations of laws of our Republic, the staff of Agency on fight against corruption holds meetings and explanatory works for collective and students of TAU.