Department of Operation of Irrigation Systems



BOBIEV Davlatali Faizalievich,

 Head of the Department Operation of Irrigation Systems, Candidate of geography sciences

        In September 2021, the EGMS department celebrates its fortieth anniversary. At the beginning of the organization of the department, its team consisted of seven employees: Kholikov A.Kh. - candidate of technical sciences, Mukhamedov T.Kh. - assistant, Ashurov S.A. - senior lecturer, Mikhailina E.N. - senior lecturer, Gulomdzhonova F. R-assistant, Kirilenko E.K.-laboratory assistant.

       The following disciplines are concentrated at the department: the operation of irrigation and drainage systems, the basics of automation and automation of processes in irrigation and drainage.

        From the day of its creation to 2004, the department was headed by: candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Kholikov A.Kh; from 2004 to 2007, candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor Akramov A.A.; from 2007 to 2012 senior lecturer Safarova R.Kh; from 2012 to 2018 Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Rakhmatilloev R; from 2018 to this day, the department is headed by Ph.D. Bobiev D.F.

       The efforts of the staff of the department are aimed at improving the educational process, training highly qualified water management specialists who meet modern requirements, developing and implementing measures for the management of irrigation and drainage systems.

        Currently, the department consists of 9 people - the head of the department, Ph.D., Bobiev D.F.; Candidate of Geological Sciences, Professor Rakhmatilloev R.; Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor Sattorov Sh.J.; senior teacher Safarova R.Kh.; senior teacher Gulov A.B.; assistant Sohibnazarov M.R.; assistant Salikhbayeva G.R.; assistant Sanginova G.Kh.; laboratory assistant Khaitova M.Kh.

        Employees of the department conduct classes for students in four specialties - 1-74 05 01 - melioration, reclamation and land protection, 1-70 04 01 01 - construction of hydraulic structures, 1-70 04.0.3 04 - rational use and protection of water resources and 1- 740501-2501 Land improvement and water management. Every year, 25-35 graduates of the faculty, under the guidance of teachers of the department, successfully prepare and defend graduation projects. To date, among the teachers of the faculty there are more than 15 graduates of the department, of which 2 have the degree of candidate of technical and agricultural sciences, and 1 doctor of agricultural sciences.

Scientific activity and educational and methodical work

        In addition to special tools and materials, 50 types of teaching aids have been published for the implementation of course and diploma projects, as well as for practical exercises, SMRS, including the textbook "Fundamentals of the Science of Hydro reclamation". The texts of lectures on various subjects of the department have also been prepared, and the texts of other lectures are currently being prepared.

Material and technical base and connection of the department with production

       The department has a material and technical base and signed cooperation agreements with the State Department of Land Management and Irrigation, with the research center "Gisar" of the State Institution "Tajik NIIGiM" in the Rudaki region.

      In this center, 4th year students and undergraduates carry out research work.

Branches of the department

       On the initiative of the head of the department, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Bobiev D.F., a branch of the department was opened on the basis of Samt-2 LLC, in order to improve the quality of training in the field of building materials for the repair of irrigation and drainage systems.