Department of organization of production at agricultural enterprises


ANVAROV Ikrom Masudovich,
head of the Department of organization of production at agricultural enterprises, candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor

The Department of organization of production at agricultural enterprises was founded in 1931 and is considered one of the first in the Tajik agrarian University named after sh. Shotemur. The Department in different years was headed by Professors: Melnikov N I,. Kuznetsov I. K., Kudryavtsev S. N., Yaroshevich N. K., Klimenko I. P.. Shapiro, L. L., Sеvlikyans E. S., Madaminov A. A., Nosirov R.; associate professors: M. I. Sheftel, Manyakin A. G., Mirzoev T. M., Kodirov G.K.; senior lecturer Murtazoev I. H. From December 2013 to the present, the Department is headed by associate Professor Anvarov I. M.

On the basis of the Department, in 1963 was formed the Department of agricultural Economics, and later the faculty of agricultural Economics.

After the formation of the faculty of economics separated from the Department, and began to function independently such departments as: Department of agricultural economics (1966.); Department of economic cybernetics (1968); Department of accounting in agriculture (1971); Department of management of agricultural production (1978g.). In 1996, in connection with the transition to a new system of management, the Department of agricultural production was renamed the Department of microeconomics, and from 2003 to the present day, the Department operates under the name "Organization of production in agricultural enterprises."

Currently, the Department carry out scientific-pedagogical activity, such teachers as: doctor of economic sciences, Professor Nosirov R.(1971); candidate of economic sciences, associate Professor I. M. Anvarov (since 2003); senior teachers: Karimova, R. S. (1993), Gafarova M. R. (2004), Pirov, B. A. (2008), Barotov A. A. (2004), Kurbonzoda F. L. (2005); assistants: Rizoeva S. (2011), Buranov O. V. (2006), Kurbonova, M. T. (2012).

Teachers of the Department conduct classes in the state (Tajik) and Russian languages at eight faculties of the University, make a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified personnel of the agro-industrial complex.

On the part of experienced teachers of the Department regularly held open classes on the organization and development of agricultural production, food security of the Republic of Tajikistan, which is necessary to improve the level of knowledge not only students but also applicants, graduate students and young teachers.

Teachers of the Department conduct research work on the topic: "Organization of production in various forms of agricultural enterprises and the development of material and technical base of the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Tajikistan in a market economy", the results of which published scientific articles for a wide range of readers.

In a market economy, arming the agro-industrial complex with technical means, their further development and effective use plays an important role. The teachers of the Department Nosirov P. and Anvarov I. M. are engaged in this problem and conduct research activity.

The staff of the Department published a number of books, monographs, guidelines to improve the quality of lectures and workshops, as well as writing term papers and graduation papers for bachelors and masters in the subjects and Sciences:

  • Kodirov G.K. – «The main economic problems of increasing the efficiency of cotton production in the conditions of scientific and technical progress», «Ways to reduce the cost of cotton», «Specialization of production in cotton», «Development of material and technical base of cotton production in Tajikistan»;
  • Manyakin A.G. (co-author) – «Economic calculation in agricultural enterprises gift», «Cotton» (textbook);
  • Mirzoev T.M. – «Economic assessment of reclamation lands and their use»;
  • Shukurov I. Sh. (co-author) – «Accounting in farms»;
  • Nosirov R., Samandarov I.H., Shukurov I.Sh., Mirzoev T.M. – «Organization of agricultural production». (in Tajik), (course of lectures), part 1 and 2 (2007);
  • Nosirov R., Samandarov I.H., Shukurov I.Sh., Mirzoev T.M. – «Organization of agricultural production». (in Tajik), textbook, (2009);
  • Nosirov R., Shomahmadov A.K.- «Organization of technical service in dekhkan farms». - brochure (2009);
  • Nosirov R.- «The Market of agricultural machinery depressed region.» – a monograph (2011);
  • Samandarov I.H., Shoinbekova K.Z.- «Social infrastructure of the village». - monograph (2012);
  • Nosirov R., Ulfatov A.G.- «Efficiency of use of electric energy in agriculture». – monograph (2016);
  • Nosirov R., Samandarov I.H., Shukurov I.S., Anvarov I.M.– «Organization of agricultural production». (in Tajik), textbook (2018).

Many articles in newspapers and magazines, information sheets on the organization of effective use of tractors and agricultural machinery in agriculture, which were published by teachers Nosirov R., Anvarov I.M.; on the subject of development of social infrastructure of the village, which were published by teachers Samandarov I. H., Shoinbekova K.Z., Gaforova M.R. supplemented the research work of the Department.

In different years the graduate students of the Department of Komilova G., Dadoboev T., Juraeva J., Muhammad Mayati, Norova M. R., Shomahmadov A.K., Anvarov I.M., Shoinbekova K.Z., Saidmurodov J., Ulfatov A. G., Kabirov N. Sh., successfully defended their dissertations and were awarded the degree of candidate of economic sciences.

Currently, the Department under the guidance of Professor Nosirov R. and prominent scientists of our Republic as: Pirizоda J.S., Samandarov I.H., Kudratov R.R. graduate students and applicants: Pirov B.A., Kurbonzoda F.L., Gafarova M.R., Kurbonova M.T., Barotov A.A., Buranov O.V. conduct research on the problems of selected scientific topics, and some of them have been pre-defended and received recommendations for the further process of passing the basic defense of the thesis.                                          

The staff of the Department actively participate in public national and University events, for which he was awarded the appropriate diplomas and commendations.