Department of Pharmacology and parasitology

Roziqov SH



ROZIKOV Shomahmad Sherovich

head of the department of Pharmacology and parasitology, professor

The department called "Zoo hygiene with the basics of veterinary medicine" was established in 1965. Since 1990, it was called "Parasitology and zoo hygiene", and in 2010 it was renamed into the department "Pharmacology and parasitology". Over the years, the department was headed by associate professors A.G. Kornet (1965-1974), N.S. Dzhumaev (1974-1984), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.Ya. Yakubov (1984-1989), Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor S .A. Mukhammadiev (1989-1993), associate professors U.A.Abdulloev (1994-2000), M.R.Sakhimov (2000-2003), doctor of veterinary sciences, professor Sh.Sh. Razikov (2003-2013), and Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor Sh.R. Mirzoakhmetov (2013-2015). Currently, the position of the head of the department is performed by the doctor of veterinary sciences, professor Sh.Sh.Razikov.

The department prepares specialists in the specialties 1-740302 - Veterinary Medicine, 1-740372 - Veterinary Medicine-Pharmacist, 1-740304 - Veterinary Sanitary Expertise, they are trained in the following disciplines: "Veterinary Pharmacology", "Parasitology and Invasive Animal Diseases", "Veterinary toxicology", "Latin language with veterinary terminology", "Ichthyoparasitology", "Pharmacognosy", "Pharmaceutical technology", "Pharmaceutical biotechnology", "Pharmaceutical management and economics", "Pharmaceutical commodity science, standardization and quality control of medicines", "Diseases and pests of birds", "Scientific and practical foundations of veterinary medicine", "Fundamentals of veterinary medicine". The classrooms of the department are equipped with modern equipment.

Currently, doctors of veterinary sciences, professors Razikov Sh.Sh., Mirzoakhmatov Sh.R., Sakhimov M.R., associate professor Khodzhaev M.D., senior lecturers Juraev S.D., Zoirov M.S. work at the department. and assistants Abdurahimov S.D., Abdulloev R.S.

The teachers of the department published 7 textbooks and more than 20 scientific and methodological manuals in the state language. In this direction, the works of Sh.Sh. Razikova., M.R. Sakhimova., Sh.R. Mirzoakhmetova., M.D. Khodzhaeva and M.S. Zoirova. Communication technologies are used in theoretical classes.

The teachers of the department carry out research work on the topic "Development of effective methods for protecting animals from parasites, taking into account the epizootic situation" for 2021-2025, which is carried out in livestock farms of the Republic of Tajikistan. On the initiative of the staff of the department, a student scientific society called "Healthy lifestyle without parasites" was organized at the department.

As a result of research work, 6 patents were obtained and more than 25 instructions for the control and parasitic animal diseases were developed.

The teachers of the department were trained in foreign countries, including Sweden, China, Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus and the Baltic republics. They annually participate and make presentations at international, republican and university scientific conferences and seminars.

Practical lesson in parasitology


The involvement of experienced teachers in the educational process is one of the factors for increasing the level of knowledge of students and their preparation as highly qualified specialists. In order to bring theory closer to practice and to familiarize students with the activities of the industry under study, on behalf of the university administration, mutual agreements were concluded with the Food Security Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan on the creation of branches of the department (training classes) at their subordinate organizations. Theoretical classes at the department are conducted by an interactive method using information technology. Laboratory and practical classes are held in equipped classrooms using canned parasites, medicines, teaching aids, textbooks, handouts, etc. Clinical training practices are carried out in the production lines of pharmaceutical companies, diagnostic centers and training farms "Gissar" and "Yavan".

All disciplines of the department are provided with textbooks in the Tajik language, the authors of which are the teachers of the department. Textbooks and teaching aids are in the university library in electronic and original versions and students can use them without any obstacles.

The following textbooks have been published and republished:

1. Latin language with veterinary terminology //Safarov G.S., Zoirov M.S., Zokirov F.F. - Dushanbe, 2011.

2. Veterinary pharmacology. Part 1 //Safarov G.S., Sattori I., Khasanov N.R. - Dushanbe, 2008.

3. Veterinary pharmacology for practical exercises //Safarov G.S., Razikov Sh.Sh. and others - Dushanbe, 2009.

4. Veterinary pharmacology. Part 2 //Safarov G.S., Sattori I., Khasanov N.R. - Dushanbe, 2011.

5. Veterinary obstetrics and gynecology with reproduction biotechnology //Mirzoahmedov Sh.R., Turdiev Sh.A., Razikov Sh.Sh. and others - Dushanbe, 2011.

6. Pharmacognosy //Safarov G.S., Zoirov M.S. - Dushanbe, 2012.

7. Parasitology and invasion diseases of animals// Mukhamaddiev S.A., Sakhimov M.R., Razikov Sh.Sh. and others - Dushanbe, 2015.

8. Veterinary toxicology //Safarov G.S., Mirzoakhmedov Sh.R., Rakhimov F.F. and others - Dushanbe, 2015.

9. Scientific and practical foundations of veterinary //Mirzoakhmedov Sh.R., Sakhimov M.R., Razikov Sh.Sh. and others - Dushanbe, Irfon, 2016.

10. Diagnosis of invasive animal diseases // Sakhimov M.R., Razikov Sh.Sh. - Dushanbe, 2022.