Department of "Physical Education and Health Center"


HOMIDOV Elmurod Mirzoevich, 

head of the Department of physical education and rehabilitation center, master of sports


Training lessons of physical education at the universistey conduction the first years of its stablishing in 1944 the military department is couducted classes on physical training in 1942  a physical diceous considored the independed sudjeet and in 1951 were forminy the physical Deparment and healing center the first head of deparment was viz pudin the head of deparment was fro 1915till 1921 P.V selesnyev and teachers were about 14 persons for the years of activity the university tea members recognized the repeatedly team champion of the republic of Tajikistan and former of soviet union for sportsmen of the university become the champion of boxes the women team university becous champion and the republic in 1971 this team become the champion between all the teams of agriculture higher educational institutions of the soviet union the mens times of the university in voliboll received three times the bronze medals.


The universities sportsmen in honor of the celebrating the 1100-years of 1 somoni and afters  olimpics game partipated and has got many diplomas and certificats.

In a honor of the celebrating of the 25 th anniversary of the independence of the republic the universitys team participated in 11-kinds of compitation and between them had  team participated in 11 – kinds of compitation and between them had got the second place. The had of the University gives a great attention of developing the physical education. Every year in University held the compitation of the tennis, football, volleyball, chests, checkers and national fighting.

It is necessary to mark that the buildings of the physical education was overhauled that hald many physical education section. At the last years near the students hostels is founded the football fields, where the students are training.