Department of Physics

Anaqulov M


ANAKULOV Muzaffar Mamadalievich,

head of the Physics Department 

The department was founded in 1931у. At time, in the department are working: Fayzulloev Z., Dr. docent Anakulov M.M.; senior lecturers: Kholov R., Rakhimov S.T.; assistants: Khurramshoeva F., Rozikova M.T., Rakhmonov S., Olimov S.T., Sharipov S.R.; laboratory assistant Latipova S.

The teaching activity of teachers at department are to conduct the practical classes for academicals and distance education students of all faculties, up to disciplines such physics, biophysics, agrometeorology, meteorology and climate studies, the basics of hydrophysics, earth physics, the concepts of modern natural science, metrology, standardization and certification and the basics of radioecology.

In accordance with the internal university requirements and support the summary of the lectures was printed and placed on electronic form in the electronic library of university.

         The teachers are conducting classes at a high methodological level and strive to teach for students about the nature secrets.

For an effectively conduct of classes and students level knowledge improvement a teachers have developed and published a number of teaching handout or materials in particular: 1. Textbooks; metrology, standardization and certification (authors - Anakulov M.M., Rakhimov S.T., Pirmadov M.D., Khasanov A.A.); Physics and fundamentals of biophysics (authors Egibekov P.Yo., Fayzulloev Z); Biophysics (part 1) (author - Fayzulloev Z.); Biophysics (part 2) (authors - Fayzulloev Z., Yogibekov P.Yo.); Solving problems in physics (authors - Faizulloev Z., Radjabov U.); 2. Methodical instructions: Laboratory lesson in physics (authors - Fayzulloev Z., Khurramshoeva F.); Basic reference data and laboratory classes in physics (author - Anakulov M.M.), etc.

         At the department, for the period 2019-2024, was observation the research work on the topic: “The thermophysical and electrophysical properties observation of liquids and solutions”, in accordance with the department approved scientific plan.

Teachers are taking part in scientific, republican and international conferences, where they are presented the main provisions of scientific results.

In the department history and science, it will remain that for the first time Faizulloev Z. developed and used a hydrostatic weighing device to study the liquids and solutions properties  which is used in research and work by applicants.

To teachers of department was certified one small patent of the Republic of Tajikistan, published more than 15 methodological instructions and more than 170 scientific articles.

  • • 1931-1933 - G. Jacobson
  • • 1933-1937 - I.I. Bulanikov
  • • 1937-1938 –A.P. Pisarov
  • • 1938 -1940 - A.K.Tipirnikov
  • • 1940-1943 - A.Makarov
  • • 1943-1946 - B.M. Yakobsky,
  • • 1946-1947– F.N. Bomchebovsky
  • • 1947-1952 - A.Ya.Olimov
  • • 1952-1965 - I.F.Shikdov
  • • 1965-1966 - A.S. Saidov
  • • 1966-1988 - A.S. Boboev
  • • 1988-1995 - A.Z. Osimov
  • • 1995-2001 - Professor S.S. Saburov
  • • 2001-2003 - Professor U.M. Mallaboev
  • • 2003-2012 - Associate Professor I.S.Sodikov
  • • 2012-2015 - Associate Professor Z. Fayzulloev
  • • 2015 - 2018 - R. Kholov
  • • From 2018 to the present - Anakulov M.M.