Department of "Plant physiology, biotechnology and sericulture"

Firdavs Qodirov



KODIROV Firdavs Tagoibekovich

Department of plant physiology, biotechnology and sericulture


In order to introduce new methods of biotechnology breeding varieties and improvement of the main crops, in April 1989 was formed the Department of "plant Physiology, biotechnology and sericulture." She was the second chair of biotechnology in the former Soviet Union. Since the beginning of activity of the Department it was headed by academician Y. S. Nosirov Since 1991 the Department was headed by Professor Muminjanov H. A., 2003 – K. S.-agricultural Sciences, associate Professor xotamov, since 2005 – doctor of agricultural Sciences of Nomihoudai, 2009 – Professor Karimov M. K. From 2017 to 2018, Professor Hafiz Etc. From 2019 – 2022 agricultural Sciences, the Department was headed by associate Professor A.F. Qalandarov/

The Department conducts research work to determine the basis of physiological productivity and adaptability of new varieties of potatoes, wheat and grapes, including physiological development, maturation, photosynthesis, resistance to climate and other growing conditions.

Professional activity of specialists of "Sericulture" is aimed at studying the management system of cooperative units, state, the work of state departments of agriculture, and, in General, the proper management of the technology of cultivation and increase the productivity of silkworm.

Specialists can work in farms and other agricultural institutions and departments of agriculture.

During the activity, two doctors and 7 candidates of Sciences were trained at the Department. Teachers of the Department for the last 10 years have become owners of 2 patents of the Republic of Tajikistan.