Department of "Private animal"


SAFAROV Tuychiboy  Safarovichhead of the Department of Private Animal


 The department of "Private animal science" was founded in 1947. The first head of the department was Professor V.A. Raciborsky (1947-1952). Then this position was occupied by Professor G. A. Aliyev (1950-152) V.E. Altshuler. (1952-1958), K.G. Gorshkova (1958-1960), V.M. Dudukalov (1960-1965) I.G Lebedev (1965-1976),  G.T.Li (1976-1978) S.А. Khamroev (1978-1981), N.O.Mamin (1982-1986), G.A. Saidov (1986-200), and then from 2000 to 2018 the department was headed by Professor Ruziev T.B. Currently, the department is headed by a senior teacher Safarov T.S.(2018)

Scientists such as: Academician G.A. Aliev, academician Komilzoda DK, professor R професziev TB Sharipov A., dotsynty Kadyrov T.A., Khamroev S.A., Lyuchipi L.V., Fayziev GF, Alaguzhin A.M., Akhmadov T.A., Gladishev A.A. made a huge contribution to the development of the department.

Currently professors TB B., Shamsiev AG, Kadyrov T.A. and candidates of sciences Safarov TS and Ayubov B.M.

Teachers of the department are involved in the implementation of research work on the topic "Improving milk productivity in cows farms." The results of scientific research are widely promoted when conducting lectures and practical classes with students of the zoo-engineering faculty, as well as with students of the agronomical, veterinary, economic and mechanical faculties.

All classes with students are held in 3 specialized classrooms equipped with laboratories and equipment, as well as on the basis of the branch of the department in the economy of them. A. Yusupova and Uchkhoz TAU in Gissar district.

The department conducts classes with students in Tajik and Russian. In this connection the volume of methodical work is sharply increased. From all the subjects of the department there is a course of lectures and their electronic version. From the side of the teachers of the department prepared in all subjects "Notebook set" and methodological guidelines.

A large place in the activities of the department is teaching and methodical support of leading disciplines. We can say that the department is fully provided with textbooks. Professor TB Ruziev and his students wrote the books Cattle Breeding (2013), Technology of Keeping, Growing and Production of Livestock Products (2013), Practicing Cattle Breeding (2014), Practical Animal Breeding Workshop (2015), Meat Production Technology ( 2018), Milk Production Technology (2019). Kadyrov, T.A. written book "Cattle, technology of production of meat and milk" (2016), Khamrayev S.А. “Sheep breeding” (2006), Safarov TS "Workshop on sheep" (2019).

Considering the increasing demand for training highly qualified specialists, to teach not specialty, but specialties, the department periodically sends teachers who have no experience in the chosen specialty for internships in advanced farms of the country and foreign countries.