Department of Protection and Quarantine of Plants

Mirzoev Tavakal




MIRZOEV Tawakal Karimovich,
head of the Department of  Protection and Quarantine of Plants 

The Department of Plant Protection was founded in 1968. From 1968 to the present, more than 1,700 graduates have been working in the field of plant protection and quarantine of plants and other industries.

The first head of the department, doctor of agricultural sciences, professor MA Menlikiev, who worked in this position in 1968 - 1980 and 1983-1992. In subsequent years, the head of the department worked: Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Kelimbetov PK (1980-1983), Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor V.S. Madaminov (1993-2002), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, M. Tashpulatov (2002-2010), Associate Professor I.S. Teshaev (2010-2011), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor K.Kh. Kakharov (2011-2019) since 2019, in this position, Candidate of Agricultural Science T.K. Mirzoev Since September 2015, with the support of the university rector, dear Salimzoda A.F. depending on the current requirements, the name of the department was replaced by “Plant Protection and Quarantine”.

In the following years, the department worked: Professor Madaminov VS, Associate Professor Kelimbetov PK, Abdulhirova SS, Sultanova M.Kh., Urokov B.E., Israilov U.R., Semikolenova N .I., Shomirsidov Sh.Sh., Nazarova Sh.D., Taimanov Sh.I., Chalilov A.U., Akhmedov A., Amonov M.Kh., Alibaeva M., senior teacher Soliev Sh.T., Assistants Karimov Z., Abdunabayev F., Sharipova N.U., Yafarova N., Melikov K., Khimmatova S., Vosiyeva D. and Abdulloev B.

The qualifying team of the department: professor Tashpulatov M.M., Mukhitdinov S.M., Kakharov K., associate professor Teshaev I., Mirzoyev T.K., senior teacher Ayembekova A.Kh., assistants Boboazizov D.A., Orzuev M.O. Safarov H. F. and other experienced teachers and young professionals who are making a worthy contribution to the training of specialists in the future.

At the same time, graduates of the department successfully work in all branches of the republic and abroad in various spheres of the national economy and executive power. Among them are many labor heroes, public and state employees, heads of large complex enterprises of the agroindustrial complex, scientific institutions, doctors of science, professors and associate professors, as well as candidates of science. It should be noted that the graduates of the department in the period of independence of the republic performed the tasks assigned by the government and are committed to a worthy contribution to the socio-economic development of our country.

The department has a training and production laboratory "Biontinsekta", engaged in the study of plant pests, biological and chemical protection of modern plants. Students in the department are trained more than 15 special disciplines, laboratory and practical and self-study.

The teachers of the department conduct training for full-time and part-time students in the departments of agronomic, agribusiness and fruit-growing, viticulture and agricultural science. biotechnology in various disciplines of the department. 

Research work.

Research work at the department began from the day of its formation, scientists and teachers conduct research in accordance with the natural conditions of Tajikistan and the needs of agriculture. Their scientific achievements were connected with biology and modification of the causative agent of cotton fusarium wilt, and its interaction with the host plant and soil pathogens (Professor M.Ya. Menlikiev); cotton endophytic bacteria (professor M.Ya. Menlikiev: associate professor M.Kh.Sultonova, assistant N.U.Sharipova); Biology and phenology scoop of autumn crops and cotton in the Vakhsh valley (Professor S.M. Muhitdinov); the effectiveness of the use of microbiological components in the fight against cotton pest (Associate Professor U. R. Isroilov); parasitic nematodes in cotton fiber variety (51 species). Biology, harmfulness and prevalence of cotton gall nematode and its position in the distribution of fusarium wilt (Associate Professor NI Semikolenova); Species, biology and harmfulness of plant bugs (professors V.S. Madaminov, M.M. Tashpulatov, associate professor S.S.Abdulkhairova).

Biology, ecology and harmfulness of grain aphid (associate professor S.S.Abdulkhairova). Efficiency of new insectoacaricides and nematicides (professors V.S.Madaminov, MMM.Tashpulatov, associate professors S.S.Abdulkhairova, N.I. Semikolenova); Diseases of lemon in the greenhouse: (Associate Professor BEErokov); Insect pests of agricultural products (57 species); (Associate Professor PK Kelimbetov); Bioecological features and harmfulness of the Colorado potato beetle, in the conditions of Tajikistan (Professor K.Kh.Kakharov); Types, biological, ecological features, harmfulness and resistance of the hop hop variety to the whitefly; biological method against cotton moth in the conditions of Sughd and Khatlon regions; biopesticides against pests of agricultural crops (Professor M.M. Tashupulatov).

Biological and ecological features and harmfulness of the main pests of tomato in the conditions of the Gissar valley of Tajikistan (docent, Sh.Т. Soliev);  Development and application of environmentally friendly technologies for protecting cotton from a complex of harmful diseases in Tajikistan (doctor, M.Kh. Sultanova). Improving the integrated protection of medium staple cotton from the main pests in the Gissar Valley of Tajikistan (docent, T.K.Mirzoev); Biological protection of the apple tree from the codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.) in the conditions of northern Tajikistan (docent, F.S. Abdunabiev); Bioecological features of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.) and improvement of the integrated protection of the apple tree from it in the Gissar valley of Tajikistan (docent, D.A.Boboazizov);  Development of an integrated protection of tomato from pests and diseases in the conditions of the Gissar Valley (department); Development of complex protection of cotton, melon and watermelon against whiteflies in the conditions of Tajikistan (department); Biological features of the Moroccan locust (Djciostaurus Maroccanus Thunb) and the use of effective technologies against them in the conditions of southern Tajikistan  (docent,  F.T. Khodirov).

For 2021-2025, the Department of Plant Protection and Quarantine presented the projects “Development of integrated protection of apple trees from pests and diseases in the Gissar Valley” . These projects were supported by the Tajik Agricultural Academy of Tajikistan and the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, in which teachers of the department conduct research in this direction.

In addition, the teachers of the department are working on the topic "Intensive technology of growing fruits and vegetables and measures to control pests and diseases."

The results of scientific research of scientists of the department were published in 5 monographs, 22 books, 45 recommendations and more than 800 scientific articles. In particular, over the past five years, 8 recommendations and 15 booklets for farmers have been published. The teachers of the department received more than 15 patents and certificates for the invention of fungicides, insecticides and biological components.

According to the results of scientific research, the scientists of the department defended 5 doctoral and 22 master's theses.

Over the past three years, 5 postgraduate students and applicants defended their PhD and 1 doctoral dissertations (including 1 foreign).

The department will currently prepare specialists in the specialty 1-74.02.03 - Plant protection and quarantine, 1- Forecast and alarms of harmful organisms, Entomology, graduate students, applicants and masters of agriculture.

It should be noted that in 2018, on the initiative of the former rector of our university, Professor Salimzoda A.F. A new specialty was opened - 1- - “Prediction and Alarms for Pests”.  and in 2021 at the initiative of the rector of our university, Professor Makhmadyorzoda U.M. A new specialty 1- was opened. - Entomology. From September 1, 2022, students will be admitted to this specialty.

 Creative directions of the department:

The Department of Plant Protection and Quarantine has a close scientific and methodological relationship with several Russian universities and research institutes (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Ukraine (Kiev) Uzbekistan and within our republic.

In addition, the department’s staff has very close scientific and production relations with production, especially with farmers (dekhkan farms). In particular, heads of farmer (dekhkan) farms, agricultural specialists, individual entrepreneurs, farmers dealing with various issues of plant protection and teachers of the department provide them with practical help to address various issues in the field of plant protection.