Department of Russian language

            KHALIKOVA Muborak Nematjonovna,
head of the Russian language department, acting as associate professor

 The Russian language department is the same age as Agrarian University. In 1931, an office of Linguistics was opened at the branch of the Central Asian Fruit and Vegetable Institute, which was transformed into the Department of Languages in 1940. Led this department Maji A.E. In 2001, the Russian Language Department was separated from the Department of Languages into an independent department under the Dean's Office for Work with Foreign Students, headed by Associate Professor Izatov K.I.

Currently, the head of the Russian language department is Khalikova MN. Experienced teachers teach here who for many years have a wealth of experience in teaching methods, both for students of their own university and for foreign students. Teachers of the department are constantly working to ensure that students studying the Russian language acquire profound knowledge, speaking and writing skills, communication skills, the ability to use scientific literature and the Internet, which is necessary for the further development of a highly qualified specialist. Teachers not only conduct practical classes, but also from the first days of training attract students to actively participate in competitions (university, city); reading thematic conferences, seminars, Russian language circle, where students can communicate and acquire deeper knowledge. In our university, first-year students, masters and graduate students are studying Russian. In addition to teaching activities, teachers of the department are engaged in methodological, scientific and educational work, together with students participate in the public life of the university and the city. The university works closely with Russian educational organizations (Russian cooperation), Russian centers, and teachers are pleased to participate in seminars and joint activities. The university also provides additional classes for all comers.

Currently, the Russian language is very popular. The task of the university is to prepare not only a highly qualified specialist, but also a harmoniously developed person who can freely navigate the information space and independently solve tasks that meet the requirements of the modern labor market, which is impossible without knowing Russian. Therefore, classes are held at a high methodical level, using technical means of education (audio and video classes, paintings, excursions, etc.), as well as classes - presentations, in order to maximize the knowledge of the Russian language, conducting classes is entertaining and interesting.