Department of surgery, obstetrics and therapy

Rahimov F



RAHIMOV Firuz Fayzalievich,

head of Department of surgery, obstetrics and therapy, associate professor

Department was founded in 1970, its first leader until 1991 was a corresponding member of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the USSR named after V.I. Lenin, doctor of veterinary sciences, professor Mustakimov R.G.

In subsequent years, the heads of the department were: 1991 - 1992. - associate professor Safarov G.S.; 1992 - 1997 - associate professor Jumaev N.S.; 1998 - 2001 - associate professor Rakhmonov Sh. A.; 2001 - 2004 - associate professor Zokirov I.T.; 2004 - 2005 - senior teacher Babayeva M.K.; 2005 - 2006 - associate professor Mirzoahmedov Sh.R.; 2006 - 2007 - associate professor Davlatmurodov T.M.; 2007 - 2014 - associate professor Turdiev Sh.A.; 2014 - 2015 - associate professor Davlatmurodov T.M.; 2015 - 2016 - associate professor Idiev K.U.

Since 2016, the department has been headed by associate professor Rakhimov F.F. The following teachers worked at the department in different years: Egorov I.N., Petrova L.M., Mavlonov U.K., Berdiev N.B., Egorov E.A., Marantini A.G., Zhukova I.N. , Khachaturian Yu.S., Pulodov S.N. Bakoev A.O., Soliev R.B., Mukhamedov N.J., Utamurodov A.K. Shodmonov I., Makhmadrakhimov O. G., Musoev Z.K., Khodzhaev M.J., Karimov M.M., Kholov S.Kh.

     Currently, 9 teachers are working at the department, including professor Turdiev Sh.A., associate professors: Rakhimov F.F., Davlatmurodov T.M., Idiev K.U., senior teachers Davlatov B.S., Safarov F. .Kh., residents: Nabiev M.N., Assoeva M.U. Adkhamova G.G.

Veterinari еул

The teachers of the department give lectures, conduct practical and laboratory classes for students of the veterinary and zootechnical faculties in the following disciplines: therapy, obstetrics, practical, private and general surgery; infectious diseases of animals and radiobiology.

The teachers of the department prepared and published 5 textbooks: "Obstetrics, veterinary gynecology and growth biotechnology" "Obstetrics, veterinary gynecology and growth biotechnology for practical classes", "Internal infectious diseases", "Infectious diseases of animals" and "Scientific and practical foundations of veterinary medicine" and 133 - methodological manuals in the state language.

The department has a rich scientific potential. The scientific work of the teachers of the department is devoted to the development of new scientific materials and is widely used in best practices in the field of animal husbandry. For the first time in the Soviet Union, a large X-ray fluorographic apparatus "Flurovet-1" was designed by Professor R.K. Mustakimov, which was widely used in the diagnosis of lung diseases and metabolic disorders in animals.

Under the direct supervision of academician Mustakimov R.G. one doctoral and 17 master's theses were defended. Currently, his students are successfully working in universities, research institutes and various sectors of the country's agricultural sector.

Achievements of the department for the years of independence of Tajikistan.

Scientists of the department conduct research on the topic: "Improving the reproductive ability of cows with the help of modern methods of treatment and biotechnology", the main results of which are reported and discussed at international and republican conferences. The results of the research work of the department are reflected in 23 scientific recommendations, 36 textbooks and more than 200 scientific articles. The scientific activity of the scientists of the department was marked by 23 inventions.