Department of Technology of processing products of animal production and feeding of agricultural animals


RAJABOV  Farhod Melikboevich,
head of the Department of Technology of processing products of animal production and feeding of agricultural animals doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor

The department is organized by the decision of the Academic Council of the Tajik Agrarian University named after S. Shotemur, Protocol No. 1, dated August 30, 2016 as a result of the merger of the departments “Feeding Farm Animals” and “Technology of Processing Livestock Products”. The department "Feeding of farm animals" was organized in 1946, and the department "Technology of processing of livestock products" in 2005.

The head of the department is the doctor of agricultural sciences, professor Radjabov F.M. Currently, the department employs: Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Amirshoev FS; candidates of agricultural sciences, associate professors Muruvatov J.M., Shamsov ES, Bozorov Sh.E.; Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Lecturer Shomurodova Z.M.; Senior Lecturer Soatov S.S., Assistants Bakhtiyor Sayvali and Gadoyeva S.R. Laboratory assistant Maydaeva Sh.

Teachers of the department pay great attention to the publication of textbooks, the development of guidelines and to improve the educational process. The teachers of the department are the authors of 17 textbooks and a course of lectures, they have compiled more than 200 guidelines.

Based on the research conducted under the guidance of Professor A. Gaffarov 3 teachers defended doctoral and 13 master's theses, under the guidance of Professor Radjabov F.M. 7 of his students successfully defended their theses. The teachers of the department have developed more than 20 scientific recommendations for production.

The department is equipped with educational laboratories for zootechnical analysis of feed, feeding farm animals, dairy business, technology for processing animal products.