Department of "Theoretical Mechanics and Engineering Theory"

YUNUSOVA Surayo Safarbekovna,
head of the Department Theoretical Mechanics and Engineering Theory, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Lecturer

The department was founded in 1954. Over the years, the department was headed: associate professor G.Bakhriev, associate professor A. Gafarov, associate professor Tiloyev, associate professor  Rizoev AB, associate professor Akhmadov B.R, senior teacher Berdyev S.

Currently, the department conducts research and teaching activities, professors: Rizoev A.B., Gafarov A., associate professor Isoev U.P., associate professor Jamilzoda M., senior instructors Berdiev S.S. Abdurahmonova S., Mukhibulloev  B.X., assistants Saidmirov S.M., Valiev S., Aschurov T., Najmiddinov N.F.

Educational and scientific activities.

The research work of teachers of the department is aimed at "Improving the technological processes of agricultural machinery to improve the mobilization mechanism." As a result of the research, teachers of the department, in particular, associate professor Tilloev S.T., received more than 41 patents. Scientists of the department actively participate in symposia, at national and international conferences, develop inventions and receive patents for inventions.

Professors Akhmadov B.R., Rizoev AB, Gaffarov A.G., associate professors Bakhriev G.B., Tiloyev S.T., Isoev U.P. make a significant contribution to the cause of providing the university, in particular, students of the faculty, with teaching materials, guidelines and manuals in the Tajik language. Today, the department is provided with 90% of textbooks in their native language, which contributes to a better learning of educational material. The department teaches 7 subjects: theoretical mechanics, applied mechanics, descriptive geometry, drawing, theories of machine mechanisms, machine parts and hoisting-and-transport machines, computer graphics.

During the years of independence of the country, teachers of the department have developed and put into print: 11 textbooks, 35 manuals, 501 scientific articles, as well as they own more than 41 patents and inventions.

The department works closely with other technical universities of Tajikistan, as well as with universities of the Russian Federation, within the framework of which research is being conducted in the field of transport mechanisms for agricultural machinery.