Department of «Philosophy and Political Science»


RAHMATOV Ubaidullo Nematovich,
head of the Department of Philosophy and Political Science, candidate of philosophical science docent

The department of "Philosophy and Political Science" is the same age as our university and is formed within the Department of "Social Sciences". In 1968, the department became independent. The first head of department was associate professor Odylov N.F. Over the years, the department was headed by  academician M. Dinorshoev, professor Komilov M.K, Tagoev J.S. and Associate Professor D. S. Pobedimsky. From 2000 till 2015, the department was headed by Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Idiev Kh.U. From September 2015 till present, the department is headed by Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Rakhmatov A.  

The department focuses on the training of scientific personnel. The department operates a cultural, scientific and educational center, jointly of Tajikistan and Iran. Also, department has 2 coteries - “Hikmat” and “Siyosat”, in which students study the main issues of life and the development of society and culture. Members of the coteries annually, participate in national competitions and more than once won prizes.  

The management of scientific works is the main criterion of the department. The main part of graduate students, applicants in their scientific works use data from primary sources on social science. Professor Idiev Kh.U. He is a member of the editorial board of the journal “News of Philosophy and Law” of the Academy of Sciences and the Scientific Council of the Institute of Philosophy, Politics and Law.