Tajik Language Department

DUSTOV Komildzhon Avlokulovich,
head of the Tajik Language Department, candidate of philological sciences, docent

The Tajik language, being one of the oldest languages, plays an important role in the promotion and agitation of the profession of specialists, for strengthening and expanding world view, as well as knowledge in the specialty, including in the agricultural industry and other vital areas.

In 1990, by the Decision of the Scientific Council of TAU, the Department of Tajik Language and Literature was singled out in a separate, previously it was in the Department of Languages.

Currently, one of the most important tasks of the department is to implement the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “On the state language of the Republic of Tajikistan” at the university.

From the first days of the department’s existence until 1996, the head of the department was Professor Abdulloev A.A. In subsequent years: from 1996 to 2000 - Associate Professor Sobirdzhonov S.; from 2000-2005, docent, Muzaffarova Sh.M.; from 2006-2018, associate professor Mirzoda Z.K. led the department.

Since 2018, the head of the department is associate professor Dustov K.A.

Teachers of the department strive to improve students' knowledge of their native language, the ability to accurately write and speak, express their thoughts, read scientific and fiction literature and analyze it, as well as properly use and write various types of documentation.

Over the years, such experienced teachers and instructors worked at the department: Abdulloev A.A., Huseynzoda F., Elboev V. associate professors: Kodirov R.K., Ismatulloev M., Mirzoeva S., Muzaffarova S., Hikmatov J., Sobirdzhanov S. senior teachers: Rasuli T., Samadov V., Ismatov S., Teshaeva D., Izzatov T. and teachers: Tursunova Z., Nuraliev A., Hochiev S., Makhmadova G.

At this time, the department conducts research and teaching activities, associate professors: Dustov K.A., Mirzoda Z.K., Zikayeva S.Z.; Senior teachers: Saburova S.A., Farhudinov S.A., Zabirova M.E., Mirzoeva N., Dzhamolova J.Z., teachers: Gulova M.N., Boyazitov F.A., Tagoymurodov M., Shukurova N., Faizova T.

Teachers of the department all the time strive to improve the quality of students' knowledge, to develop conversational skills. For this purpose, different methods of teaching the Tajik language are used. For many years, teachers of the department are engaged in scientific and methodological developments. Over the last 2-3 years, several textbooks, methodological developments, and terminological dictionaries have been developed and published: including the “Russian-Tajik explanatory dictionary of terms for feed production and feeding” (2003), the Russian-Tajik explanatory dictionary of marketing terms ”(2007), “Samples of essays” (2007), “The life and work of Rudaki” (2007), “Mavlono Holmukhammadi Hasta” (2007), “Explanatory Dictionary of Plant Growing” (2007), Russian-Tajik Dictionary of Economic Terms ”(2008),“ Methodical instructions for retaking Tajik language in the credit system of education ”(2009),“ Poetics of Pulod Tolis ”(2010),“ Life of remarkable people ”(2012),“ Tajik language ”(2012),“ Instruction of Nizomi Ganjavi ”(2012),“ Tajik language and culture of speech ”, (2014),“ Encyclopedia of Zooengineering Faculty ”(2014),“ Cattle, milk and meat technology ”(2016),“ Explanatory Dictionary of Agricultural Terms ”(2018),“ Guidelines for the grammar of the Tajik language and office work in TAU named after Sh. Shokhtemur ”(2019).