Department for the exchange of experience and work with young specialists


SAGDIYEVA Gulbahor Mazamovna, 
head of the Department for the exchange of experience and work with young specialists

 She organizes, plans and conducts practice (educational, work and pre-diploma), studies the quality of students' technical reports, ensures the distribution and employment of graduates, and also supervises the provision of young specialists with work (2-3 parts of the direction), for completing work experience, concludes bilateral agreements with leading enterprises, special enterprises and organizations.

The Hisar educational and industrial enterprise has the ability simultaneously to accept 25-30 students in the following specialties: agronomists, fruit growers, zoo-veterinarians, engineers, economists and provide them with necessary equipment, training audiences, laboratories (in soil science, ichthyology), fish pool and experimental plots. There are laboratories and a dairy farm based on the Hisar educational and industrial enterprise, for practical training of students of the zoo-engineering and veterinary faculties, which ensures the mastery of practical, technological and production skills at a high level.

The conclusion of bilateral agreements with the leading enterprises of the republic plays an important role for the students to pass at the proper level of work experience. Today, within the framework of such agreements, the university is able to provide 2000 students with places for practical training. In this direction, in recent years, Department of study, dean’s offices, and heads of specialized departments has carried out the active work. If in 2008-2010, the number of concluded contracts was 150-180, but today this number has reached more than 300 contracts. 40 branches of specialized departments have been opened To strengthen the theoretical knowledge and the passage of educational and industrial practice, as well as conducting practical training in organizations and scientific institutions, based on bilateral agreements.