Department of legal rights of personnel

Rajabova Naima


RAJABOVA Naima Abdukhalimovna-head of Department of legal support and personnel

 Department of  legal support and staff of the University is a responsible part in the structure of the educational institution, and its activities are carried out on the basis of the Charter of the University. The Department is responsible for ensuring the current legal norms and timely execution of orders and instructions of the rector of the University.

Also, the functions of the Department of legal support and staff  of the University include the management of administrative, scientific, pedagogical, engineering, educational and economic support personnel, as well as the selection and placement of personnel.

Currently, the Department pays great attention to the strengthening of labor discipline of University staff, and compliance with the law in TAU. 

With 1995-2015 years the Department was headed by Hovrenko, L.N., and with 2015. at present, the Department operates under the direction of  M.A.Tagaeva.