Department of registration of documents


NOROVA Maysara Jurevna-Head of the Department of registration of documents


Department of registration of documents is part of the agricultural University Shirinshoh Shotemur. The activity of the Department is carried out on the basis of instructions, orders and orders of the rector of TAU and the existing legal acts of the Institution of higher education. The Department employs clerks and courier, the number of which depends on the number of employees in the University and the amount of work. The main tasks of the Department are the correct formulation and improvement of work, proper accounting and registration of letters, timely execution of documents and orders of senior management, the head of the University, applications and proposals from citizens, the organization of the correct execution of documents and compliance with their terms of validity, etc.

 The head of the Department is responsible for office work, monitors the timely preparation of reports from other departments on the execution of orders in letters, etc., on the basis of which reports to the rector of the University. Employees of the Department provide methodological support to other structural units of the University in the paperwork.

The head of the division develops instructions for improving office management and specific proposals for the introduction and use of new technologies that will contribute to the professional development of the staff of the division in the performance of their duties.