Educational and Methodological Department

Saidov Mirzo




SAIDOV Mirzohuja Sadulloevich-Head of the Educational and Methodological Department



This department was organized in the first years of the founding of the university, whose functions include the organization of the educational process in the system of training highly qualified personnel for the agricultural industry in accordance with the system of continuous industrial education, which takes 50% of the study time. In the post-war and subsequent years, one of the factors that influenced the improvement of the quality of teaching was the attraction of famous scientists from central universities.

After gaining independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, the university acquired a special status, especially in recent years, the number of specialties has reached 50, and the merits of the university administration are very significant in this achievement.

Students, over the years of study at the university, acquire high theoretical and practical knowledge on agricultural, economic, biological and technical foundations and study the achievements of advanced agricultural science, technology, technology and agricultural technology.

Sustainable improvement of the educational process is aimed at training specialists with high theoretical and specialized knowledge, creative activity, organization, meeting the requirements of the modern labor market in the new economic conditions.

Over the years, the teaching and methodological department of the university was headed by the following teachers: Isroilov Uriel Rakhmonovich (1960-1964), Leonenko Mikhail Fedorovich (1964-1973), Valieva Tamara Dmitrievna (1974-1983), Pyatakov Anatoly Fedorovich (1983 -1988), Madaminov Abdurahim Asrorovich (1988-1990), Mamadkulov Mukim (1990-1993), Kamalov Mels Mirzoevich (1993-1999), Ismailov Maksadullo Isroilovich (1999-2003), Saidov Saidjamol (2003-2004), Mirzoev Bobojon (2004-2011) , Maksadullo Ismailov Isroilovich (2011-2020), Saidov Mirzоkhudzha (from 2020 to the present).

Employees of the department make a significant contribution to the training of high-level specialists. Methodists Salimova O., Igamberdieva S., Muratova N., Rizoeva G., Ismatova R., Nazarov M., Sagdieva G.M. and others. Currently, the specialists of the department are Makhmadova G.Yu., Karimova S.A., Dzhumazoda M., Toirov Kh.I., Nazarov S., Nasimova U.N., Ganieva G.E., who give a lot of effort to ensure quality of knowledge and popularization of the educational process.