Information and analysis Department

Rasulov MEHROJ



RASULOV Mehrodzhiddin Zurbekovich-head of information-analytical 

 This Department is part of the structure of the Tajik agrarian University, and operates on the basis of the Charter of the Department and the instructions of the administration of TAU, including the existing legal acts.

The main task of the information and analytical Department is the timely preparation and processing of materials: the results of the current session of students; quarterly reports; information on the number of recovered and expelled students; the number of applicants, years of birth, place of residence (region), including information on the number of working teachers, etc.

This information is constantly updated and provided to the rector of the University, the head of the Department of study and quality monitoring, and other departments, as necessary and requirements.

Currently head of information-analytical RASULOV Mehrodzhiddin Zurbekovich, specialist-programmer works Kurbonov Mazbut. They strive to provide all the necessary processed information in a timely manner during the educational process, as well as to perform tasks at a high level.