Faculty of Accounting and Finance



Sharipov Khurshed Burievich,

Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor

On the basis of the Decision of the Board of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan No. 8/9 dated April 3, 2006 and the Decision of the Academic Council of TAU (protocol No. 5 dated December 22, 2006), a new Faculty of Accounting and Finance was established on the basis of the Economy faculty. From January 2007 to November 2014, Faculty was headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor I. Samandarov. From (2014-2022) Faculty was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent Olimov A.Kh. Currently, the faculty is headed by Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor Sharipov Khurshed Burievich

The faculty trains specialists in the following profiles:

- The specialty “Finance and Credit in the Agro-Industrial Complex” prepares specialists who can link manufacturing enterprises with financial institutions and the separation of centralized and other types of capital.

- The specialty "Accounting and Audit" teaches students theoretical and practical skills of accounting, in accordance with international standards. In the structure of the faculty there are 5 departments - “Accounting and Audit”, “Finance and Credit in the Agro-Industrial Complex”, “Economic Analysis and Statistics”, “Information Technology in the Agro-Industrial Complex”, “Philosophy and Political Science” in which 65 teachers work, including among them, 3 professors, 14 candidates of science and docent, 20 senior teachers and 28 assistants. Currently, 720 students are studying at the faculty. Of these, 430 students study in the specialty “Finance and credit in agro-industrial complex” and 290 students in the specialty “Accounting and audit”. In the correspondence department of the faculty 265 students study and 159 of them study in the specialty “Finance and credit in the agro-industrial complex” and 106 in the specialty of “Accounting and auditing”. Such prominent professors and experienced teachers work at the faculty as Sharifov Z.R., Samandarov I.H., Idiev Kh.U., Shukurov M.Sh., Olimov A.Kh., Elmurodov Z.E., Dadaboev O. D., Saidov M.S., Kurbonov K.Yu., Yuldosheva N.J., BoboevA.A., Badalova B.A., Khakakimzoda S.K., Khudzhakulov N., Jonmahmadov K., Goibnazarov S.M.

Teachers of the faculty, consider it of paramount importance to improve the quality of student learning, make comprehensive efforts to train highly qualified personnel, in accordance with the requirements of the modern labor market. In order to analyze and study the state of agricultural development of the republic, as well as new effective ways of agricultural development based on the analysis of precise practical indicators of management, each department was assigned a specific topic.