Faculty of Agrobusiness


Nematulloev Zahirsho Saidakramovich,

dean of the agribusiness faculty, candidate of agricultural sciences, docent

 The agribusiness faculty was established in 1997 in accordance with the requirements of the market economy and serves as the leading educational and scientific faculty of the Republic of Tajikistan. The main mission of the faculty is the formation of national human capital - the preparation of highly qualified, competitive specialists who meet the requirements of the domestic and international labor market, as well as assisting in achieving the strategic goals of the national economy. The faculty covers the departments of technology of storage and processing of agricultural products, marketing and agribusiness, quality and safety of food products, logistics, history and law, Russian language and English language.

The faculty is headed by doctors of science, professors S.M. Gulov (1997-2002, 2012-2015), K.G. Kadyrov (2002-2010), M.S. Norov (2010-2012) and associate professor Kh.B. Sharipov (2015-2022). Since 2022, associate professor Nematulloev Z.S. has been the head of the faculty. At present, the faculty includes well-known Tajik scientists, associate member of ASRT Aliyev K., doctors of science, professors Salimzoda A.F., Bobokhonov R.S., Bobokhonov M., associate professors Shukurov K.I., Kholov F.Sh., Ghulomov Kh., Haidarova B.A., Nematulloev Z.S. and others teach students.

Education at the faculty is based on multi-level education. The duration of education at the bachelor's level is 4 years and at the master's level 2 years. The educational activity of the faculty in the field of higher professional education and post-graduate education is conducted in 4 specialized departments, as well as 3 general university departments. The success of the faculty is the result of the effective work of its qualified professors and teachers, who are worthy of the university's pride. The scientific-educational staff of the faculty consists of 53 teachers, including 40 full-time teachers, among them: 4 professors, 7 candidates of science.

Today, according to the requirements of modern times, the faculty prepares specialists for production in the following specialties:

 1-26020309 - marketing at AIC;

 1-490101 – technical support of processes of storage and processing of plant food raw materials;

 1-490101-2501 - technology of storage and processing of agricultural-economic products;

 1-740131 - organization of farms;

 1-19030205 – technology of ensuring the quality and safety of food products;

 1-54010106 - metrology, standardization and certification (in AIC);

 1-26020324 – logistics in AIC.

There are 598 students studying at the faculty, of which 537 or 89.8% are studying in the full-time department and 61 are studying in distance education (10.2%) (as of February 1, 2023). Of the total number of students, 32 or 5.5% are women and girls.

The Faculty of Agribusiness has the following scientific and educational laboratories:

1. Laboratory of quality and safety of food products. The laboratory has all the necessary devices and tools for determining the quality and safety of food products, studying the microflora of food products. The laboratory is intended for scientific research work of masters and students of the faculty.

2. Laboratory of canning of fruits and vegetables. The fruit and vegetable canning laboratory is educational, where practical lessons related to the topics of fruit and vegetable processing are conducted. The laboratory has the necessary conditions for the preparation of canned products from fruits and vegetables. Every year, with the participation of students and masters in practical classes, the preparation of more than 120 containers of canned products is carried out in the fruit and vegetable canning laboratory.

The faculty cooperates with industry enterprises of the Republic of Tajikistan, such as the Food Safety Committee under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Agency for Metrology, Standardization, Certification and Trade Control under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan and its sub-sectors, LLC "Sitabr-agro" of Hisor city, Departments of the country's districts. , "Oro-Isfara" LLC, "Ecofruit-Isfara" LLC, "Marmari" LLC, "Bars-consulting" LLC, "Barakat Corporation" JSC, KT Haydar Mirovi Hisor, "ART" LLC Dushanbe and other enterprises and The country's offices have agreements and cooperation contracts, where students undergo industrial and pre-graduate experiences, and then get a job. Expanding cooperation with production makes a significant contribution to improving students' professional skills.

The faculty expands branches of specialized departments in the base of enterprises and institutions. For example, the base of the departments of quality and safety of food products and the department of technology of storage and processing of agricultural products at LLC "Sitabr-agro" and the departments of marketing and logistics are organized at the base of the Institute of Economics and System Analysis of AIKT, which is effective.

The faculty is the leading scientific institution of the Republic of Tajikistan. In the faculty, within the framework of customized scientific-research topics on the topic "Study of the organization of the technology of storage, marketing and logistics of fruits in the conditions of Central Tajikistan" and the topic of load: "Improvement of the methods of storage and sale of apple fruits in the conditions of the Hisar Valley" (for the years 2021-2025) Scientific research activities are actively carried out. Every year, as a result of the scientific work of the professors of the specialized departments of the agribusiness faculty, they prepare scientific articles and presentations on a scientific topic for participation in internal and external conferences of the university.

During the last year, the faculty was a direct participant in the following 2 international projects:

1. TEMPUS project No. 544529-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-LV-TEMPUS-JPCR "Renewal of higher education in the field of quality and safety of food products in Tajikistan" (2013-2016) with the opening of the master's program on the specialty 19030205- the technology of ensuring the quality and safety of food products and the establishment of a scientific laboratory for training the quality and safety of food products, the purchase of specialized textbooks related to the new specialty;

2. Erasmus+ project "Higher education in Central Asia: System of standards of production and safety of food products" (2016-2019) with the introduction of new educational subjects in the field of food safety, standards of food products, professional development of teachers participating in the project and purchase of specialized literature.

Cooperation with the teachers of the Latvian Agrarian University in the framework of implemented projects; Slovak Agricultural University, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences; Khujand Polytechnic Institute of Technical University of Tajikistan; Technological University of Tajikistan, State Technical University of Kyrgyzstan; The Kyrgyz Economic University was established.

At the same time, the teachers of the faculty participated in the implementation of the project "Development of higher education in Tajikistan", which was financed by the World Bank with the project "Improving educational programs in the agricultural sector in accordance with international education standards" during the years 2019-2022.

Currently, the teachers of the faculty are working as national consultants in the direction of language learning and development of the module of the agricultural sector (fruit and vegetable processing worker) in the framework of the project "Improving professional skills and opportunities for employment", funded by the Asian Development Bank in the Ministry of Labor and Employment of the Republic of Tajikistan. are involved.

 The faculty has a separate educational building consisting of 5 floors and a basement. The total area of the faculty building is more than 1000 square meters and has more than 500 seats. There are 14 educational classrooms, 1 meeting hall, 2 educational-scientific laboratories, 7 departments and a dean's office. The faculty also has a classroom in the basement of the main building.