Faculty of Agrobusiness




Sharipov Hurshed Burievich,
dean faculty of agribusiness, candidate of political science, docent


In 1997, against the background of the transition period of the country's economy to market relations, and in connection with the new demands of the labor market, the faculty of agribusiness was formed, whose graduates master modern popular specialties.

The faculty includes five departments: “Marketing and Agribusiness”, “History and Law”, “Russian Language”, “English Language”, “Storage Technology and Processing of Agricultural Products”.

Over the years, the faculty was headed by: Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Gulov S.M. (1998-2002; 2012-2014); Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Qodirov K.G. (2002-2010); Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Norov M.S. (2010-2012).

From 2014 to the present, the dean of the faculty is the candidate of political sciences, associate professor Sharipov Hurshed Burievich.

The faculty has a great scientific and pedagogical potential. At present, the faculty conducts professional activities: Doctor of Biological Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Academy of  Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan, K. Aliyev; Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Corresponding Member of TAAS, A. Salimzoda; Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor R. Bobokhonov; Ph.D. Bobokhonov M.B., Nemonov B.; associate professors: Akramov S., Nematulloev Z., Shukurov K.I., Kholov F.Sh. and senior lecturers.

In recent years, the dean of the faculty and the heads of specialized departments have entered into agreements with some industrial enterprises of the republic, including the winery factory, a cannery, and a factory for processing meat and dairy products, so that specialty. This has a positive effect on students' knowledge and their mastery of practical skills in the specialty.

The faculty conducts research work on the topic: "Methods of drying fruits and the most effective ways to store them in the Republic of Tajikistan."

The faculty trains personnel in 6 specialties: “Marketing in the agricultural sector”, “Technology of storing and processing vegetables and fruits”, “Organization of dekhkan farms”, “Technology of storing and processing agricultural products - economist”, “Food safety”, “Metrology, standardization and certification in the agro-industrial complex ". During the years of its existence, 180 technologists,  210 marketing workers who work in the agro-industrial complex of the Republic of Tajikistan graduated from the faculty.

The educational process at the faculty is carried out according to the credit system of education, on a multi-stage basis: bachelor - 4 years, master - 2 years, in the combined specialty "Technology of storage and processing of agricultural products - economist", students are trained for 5 years.

On the basis of the faculty there are two laboratories:

- laboratory technology of storage and processing of agricultural products;

- laboratory of agricultural products safety.

Also at the Department of Marketing and Agribusiness created the Center for Logistics.

Teachers and students of the department are actively involved in all activities of the city and the university.

To meet the level of the educational process that meets international standards, the faculty works closely with universities in Europe, Asia, America and such foreign organizations as TEMPUS, ERASMUS, MUNDUS, ITAC, DAAD.