Faculty of Horticulture and Agricultural Biotechnology

Khafizov T  

  Hafiz Toir Dododjonovich,

dean of the faculty of plodovodstva and agricultural biotechnology,
candidate of agricultural Sciences, associate Professor

In 1931, in the city of  Khujand was founded the Central Asian fruit and vegetable Institute, which included departments: horticulture, viticulture, plant protection. In 1939, the faculty of horticulture was organized, after which it merged with the faculty of agronomy, and in February 1991 began to act as an independent faculty. 

The first head of the faculty from 1991 to 2001 was Professor V. S. Madaminov. Then, from 2001-2001 to 2012 the faculty was headed by Professor M. K. Karimov, from 2012 to 2018. – associate Professor Emomov H. A. 

From 2018 to the present, the Dean of the faculty of horticulture and agricultural biotechnology is associate Professor Hafizov T. D. 

Since 1991, the faculty has produced more than 2,500 specialists who work in various sectors of agricultural production. 

Currently, the faculty has 611 students. Students who have completed the bachelor degree with good scores have the opportunity to continue their studies in the master's degree. 

The Department has a large scientific and pedagogical potential, in this period here are: 1 academician of RT Academy of Sciences, 1 corresponding member of agricultural Academy RT , 7 doctors of science, professors, 9 candidates of Sciences, associate professors; 3 senior lecturers and 3 assistant. 

The faculty has a research Institute of Biotechnology. For the first time in the Republic teachers and staff of the faculty were the first in the Republic to develop and introduce into production methods of growing virus-free potatoes on the basis of microclonal reproduction. For scientific inventions, they became owners of 27 inventor's certificate. 

Since the establishment of the faculty to the present time, 8 teachers defended their doctoral theses and 13 master's theses. The achievements of scientists of the faculty in the field of horticulture, citrus, plant protection, physiology and biotechnology of plants, in connection with which many scientists were awarded high awards at national and international exhibitions, are proud. 

Currently, research scientists of the Department focused on the development of viticulture industry, provodimosti and forestry. 

The faculty has laboratories, classrooms, experimental sites where training and experiments are conducted with the help of modern technical means. In the structure of the faculty there are such laboratories as: bioinsect, plant protection, floriculture and citrus, which are used in practical and laboratory classes. 

The faculty has 4 departments: horticulture and viticulture; forestry and landscape construction; plant protection and quarantine; plant physiology, biotechnology and sericulture. 

Faculty of horticulture and agricultural biotechnology trains personnel in 7 specialties: 

3.740203-plant protection and quarantine, 
4. 74020306-prevention and prevention of harmful organisms. 
5. 310500-sericulture 
6.75010101-forestry science and forestry 
7.750201-landscaping of parks and holiday homes.  

Students study for 4 years and receive a bachelor's degree. Also at the faculty there is 1 combined specialty with 5 years of training, after which graduates receive a diploma.