Faculty of Hydromeliorative


Dean of Faculty is  Sattorov Shahriyor Jaborovich, 


  PhD-Candidate of Technical Science

 Hydromelioration Faculty was created in 1951. The faculty prepare specialists in the following specialties:

  • 1-70040101-Hydraulic engineering;
  • 1-740501 - Irrigation and water management 
  • 1-74050105-Rational use and protection of water resources;
  • 1-740501 2602-land Reclamation and water management.

The specialists in these professions can work in the public and private organization of hydraulic structures, hydro-technology, enterprise design and water management of districts and regions, Agency for Sanitation Soil and Irrigation by the government of  Tajikistan, State Committee on Land Management and Geodesy of  Tajikistan,  Ministry of Agriculture of Tajikistan, Ministry of Energy and Water Farm of Tajikistan. 

Nowadays in the faculty there are 4 specialized departments, 1 General technical Department, 1 University Humanities Department and 1 branch laboratory.  In the departments of  

 Melioration, Recultivation and Land Protection,
 Hydrotechnical Construction,
Complex use and protection of water resources,
  Land Management,
  Melioration, Economics and Management of Water Farm,  
  are 53 teachers, including
  5 professors,
 9 candidates of Sciences, associate professors,
 19 assistant professors,
  20 assistants.
 In addition, the Department has a separate building,  
 Modern laboratories,
 Innovation hall,  
 Modeling area,
 2 computer centers,
 Geo information center,
  Laboratory of digital cartography,
 Geoinformation laboratory connected with a separate high-speed Internet,

 Equipment and modern facilities and special storage technical books.

Teachers of the faculty believe that to improve the quality of education as its primary goal and spend their efforts for the preparation of highly qualified personnel that meet the modern requirements.
The research activities of the faculty, depending on the direction of the chairs includes such topics as the Development of modern technology and equipment water filtration, soil conservation and cost-effective irrigation of agricultural crops", "the Impact of land reform in the effective use of irrigated lands", "Assessment of the technical condition of structures hydraulic structures, and each Department attached a separate issue.




Sattorov Shahriyor Jaborovich