Faculty of Mechanization of Agriculture

Mirzoev Sh

 Mirzoev Shamsullo Izatovich,

dean faculty of mechanization of agriculture, candidate of technical sciences

 The Faculty was formed by 1 September 1946. In that years on this faculty 30 students were accepted in accordance with profession, which were in republic first professional engineer of agriculture. At present, the faculty prepares high qualified engineer on three professions mechanizations, electrifications and automations of the agriculture. If at years of the forming the faculty amount student was 30 then 200-250 students were accepted at the last years. The first dean of the faculty was an experienced professor Mesheryakov A. M. (1946-1952 years.).  Now the dean of faculty is the  professor Ahmadov B.R.

At the request time was formed new profession a conversion to product of the agriculture for new infrastructure of the conversion to product, which answered modern requirements of the conversion to product and service from producer before consumer. At years of the formation on faculty were whole two pulpits "Agricultural machines" and "Tractors and cars", in which toiled whole four teachers. At present education and education student concerns with 100 experienced teachers, from which 34 are a professor and assistant professor.   The scientists of the faculty is an author more than 70 patents and certificates. Have released more than 1600 scientifically-methodical work, 34 textbooks, 146 methodical books, 628 scientific articles.  

For years, existence graduates faculty has protected 12 doctoral and more than 50 candidate's theses. The Faculty closely co-operates with many high school of the Russian Federation, in particular agricultural Academician named after, Temiryazev, Moscow, Agrarian University Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Saratov, and Chelyabinsk, republics Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. At different years known scientist  Kazarcev I. V.,  Burkov V.V.,  Aliev L.E., Habatov R.Sр., Kaganov A.B. Koba. and other has rendered its practical help for development of the faculty.

The first dean of the faculty was an experienced teacher, Professor Meshcheryakov A.M. (1946-1952). Over the years, Lyadsky V. B. (1952-1954), Li T. D. (1954-1956), Isoev S. I. (1956-1974) and graduates of the faculty Teshaev S. T. (1981 - 1986), E S. Karomatulloev (1986 - 1989), V. M. Akramov (1989 - 1994), A. A. Sohibov (1994 - 2000), A. B. Rizoev. (2000 - 2009), Akhmadov B.R. (2009-2019). Currently, the post of dean of the faculty is held by associate professor Mirzoev S.I. has been operating since 2019.

To date, the faculty prepared more than 7000 high qualified specialist-engineer of the agriculture and has sent on work in different branches agro industrial complexes of   Republic of Tajikistan. At the last years in university, on faculty in particular, occurs different change. Consolidating material and technical base was an increased level scholastic of the process.  The faculty has two laboratories, computer center, 15 training laboratory, one agricultural technical park and others.