Faculty of Veterinary

 Rahimov F

        Rakhimov Firuz Faizalievich,

Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor

The faculty was founded in 1963, and a creative team was formed with great scientific and pedagogical power, which included representatives of different generations, schools and scientific directions.

The first dean of the faculty was Professor Majidov F.Kh. Then Associate Professor Nabiev D.N. (1968-1976), N.S. Dzhumaev. (1977-1979), Motaev B. G. (1980-85), Ivanova Yu.F. (1985-90), Mirzoakhmadov Sh.R. (1991-2005), Gasanov N.R. (2005-2008), Khabibov A.Kh. (2008-2014), Nurmadov K.N. (2014-2018), Davlatmuradov T.M. (2018-2022) headed the faculty.

At present, Associate Professor Rakhimov F.F. works as the dean of the faculty.

 Qualitative training of veterinary specialists is provided by 1 academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Tajikistan, 6 doctors of sciences, 10 candidates of sciences, 8 senior teachers, 9 assistants and 2 masters.

Now qualified and experienced teachers and talented young professors working at the faculty: I. Sattori, N. Y. Yorboev, Sh. R. Mirzoahmedov, Sh. A., Associate Professor: K.N.Nurmadov, K.U. Idiev, M.J. Khojaev, F.F. Rahimov, Sh.S. Vazirov, I.Kh. Imatshoev, T.M. Mirzoalizoda, Sh.Kh. Nazarov, R.Kh. Sohibov, B.S. Davlatov, F.F. Zokirov, A.R. Safaraliev, Sh.F. Sherov, F.Kh. Safarov, R.A. Azizov, M.S. Isvaliev, S.J.Juraev, G.Adkhamova, R.S.Abdulloev, Y.B.Shoimardonov, A.Tupalov, H.M.Rabiev, S.D.Abdurahimov, A.Kholikova.

At the departments of the faculty, students are trained in undergraduate educational programs: 1-740302-"Veterinary"; 1-740372 - "Veterinary-Pharmacy"; 1-74030201 - "Veterinary and sanitary examination".

The faculty consists of 5 specialized departments: anatomy and histology; microbiology and epizootology; pharmacology and parasitology; surgery, obstetrics and medicine.

The number of students of the faculty is 1105 people, including 768 full-time students and 337 part-time students, including 53 foreign students from near and far abroad. Most foreign students are citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.

Over the years of its existence, the faculty has trained more than 2990 highly qualified specialists. It should be noted that among the graduates of the faculty in government positions: 2 chairmen of regional governments, 8 chairmen of district governments, 1 minister of agriculture, 6 people's deputies in the Assembly of Representatives of the Supreme Assembly of the Republic of Tatarstan, 2 academicians and 1 corresponding member of AICT.

There are students do practical training in leading livestock farms, including the Gisor educational and experimental farm, farms named after Latif Murodov, Barakat and Abdurauf Yusupov in the city of Gissar.

Faculty scientists conduct research work on the topic "Epizootological monitoring of the prevention of infectious and parasitic animal diseases." Scientific works of professors Yorboev N., Mirzoakhmedov Sh.R., Rozikov Sh.Sh., Sakhimov M.R., Rakhmatzoda N.R., associate professor Mirzoalizoda T.M., Idiev K.U., Imatshoev I.Kh. is aimed at the prevention and control of infectious diseases in humans and animals, has 33 patents and 10 copyright certificates. The faculty published 33 tеaching aids, 232 guidelines in Tajik and more than 320 articles.