Faculty of Veterinary



Davlatmurodov  Toirjon Mirzoalievich, 
dean  of  veterinary faculty  of assistant professor, candidate of veterinary science 


The veterinary faculty was founded in 1963, where five basic functioning of the department; ’’Microbiology and epizootiology’’, ’’Surgery, obstetrics and internal infectious diseases’’ ’’Pharmacology and parasitology’’, ’’Anatomy, pathology with histology and pathological physiology  and pathological physiology’’ an hygienic veterinary. During its activities the faculty has trained more than 3000 highly qualified specialists. There are 740 students study at the faculty by profession such as; medicine veterinary, hygienic veterinary and veterinary pharmacist. There are 40 teachers including 6 professors, 15 docents, 11 senior teachers 5 assistants work at the faculty. The experience teachers  work at the faculty such as; professor Yorboev N., Mirzoev D.M., Mirzoahmadov Sh.R., Hasanov N.R., docents U. Abdulloev, Nurmatov K., Sahimov M.R., Idiev K.U. and etc.

The students pass practice production at the famous farms of Hissar, educational practical farms of Hissar, the farm’’Latif Murodov’’, ’’Barakat’’, ’’A.Usupov’’. Scientists of the faculty conduct research works on the thesis; Epizootiology monitoring prevention socially dangerous infectious and parasitic diseases in animals. To solve this problem, since 2006 in three departments of the faculty conducted scientific work on four thesis. Work of  science professor Sattori I, Yorboeva, Mirzoev D.M., Mirzoahmadov Sh., Hasanov N., docents Davlatmurodov, Idiev, Imatshoev intented to solve problems, prevention and control of infectious diseases of human and animals.