Faculty of Zooengineering

JURABEKOZODA Abdujabbor Jurabeg,

Dean Zoo engineering faculty, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Acting Associate Professor

On the basis of the agronomical faculty in 1943, a zoo technical department was founded. In 1947, a zoo technical faculty was created, and in 1976 it was renamed into a zoo engineering faculty. The faculty operated: 5 departments, 2 scientific divisions, which included highly qualified personnel: 1 academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of the Tajik SSR, 1 professor, 17 candidates of science and associate professors, 7 senior teachers and 15 assistants.

The first dean of the faculty was Associate Professor Maria Pihachek (1954-1954). In subsequent years, the deans of the faculty were: Professor Gaffarov Abduzunun Kakharovich (1954-1973), Associate Professor Hamroev Sodik Abdulloevich (1973-1983), Associate Professor Shamsiev Mullo Azizovich (1983-1995), Professor Kodirov Tura Abdulloyevich (1995-2005), (2017- 2018), Doctor of Biological Sciences Kosimov Radjabbek Boboradjabovich (2005-2013), Doctor of Biological Sciences Amirshoev Fayzullo Safarovich (2013-2015), Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Shamsiev Arbobmirzo Gadoevich (2015-2017).

From July 2018 to the present day, the Faculty is headed by Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Mastov Abdujabor Dzhurabekovich.

For many years, scientists in the field of animal husbandry have successfully worked at the faculty. Among them: Academician Aliev G. A., professors: Ratsiborsky V.A., Rudenko P.D., Altshuler V.E., Vannovsky T.Ya., Lebedev I.G., Soldatenkov N.I., Forsyhonov S.I., Gafforov A.K., Lee G.T., Soliev N.S .; associate professors: Pikhachek M.I., Gorbunova N.A., Lartseva S.K., Mamin N.O., Fayziev Ѓ.F., Umarov M.U., Samiev AS, Saidov .A., Khamroev S.A., Safarov H.M., Manyakin A.G., Gorshkova K.G., Kodirov R.K., Arav V.I., Lyuchipi L.V., Koloteva R.S., Norov A. N.N., Muruvatov J.M. and others, many of whom are known outside the Republic of Tajikistan, who have contributed to the development of this industry.

Currently, the faculty conducts research and teaching activities of more than 44 scientists and teachers, including 1 academician, 8 professors, 15 associate professors and candidates of science and 20 main teachers. Outstanding scientists, such as: Academician DK Komilzoda, professors, Kodirov TA, Radjabov FM, Ruziev TB, Shamsiev AG, Nazarov N .E., Khaitov A.Kh., Amirshoev FS, Sharipov A .; Assistant Professors: Mastov A.Dzh., Alibaeva M., Dustov K., Rakhmatova S.A., Shamsov E.S., Bozorov S.E., Mirzoda Z.K., Radjabov N.A., Zikayeva S.Z. ; senior teachers Safarov T.S., Azizov F.F., Ayubov B.M., Davlatov M.N., Kahorov N.Sh., Shernazarov M.A., Daminova K.Kh., Usmonov N.S., Zubaidov K.Sh., Saburova S.U., Zabirova Z.Yu., Farhudinov S.A., Soatov S.S., Dzhamolova J.Z.; assistants Boyazitov F.A., Tagoymurodov M., Shukurova N., Teshaeva M., Bakhtiori S., Nazarov A.A., Turaev S.O., Ruziev Kh.T., Khairuloeva Kh.I., Gulova M., Fayzova T., Gadoyeva S.R., they contributed to the training of specialists in the field of agriculture.

The faculty has trained more than 4,600 highly qualified specialists in 75 years and sent them to production. Currently, the faculty consists of six departments: private animal husbandry; technology for processing livestock products and animal feed; breeding and genetics of farm animals; ichthyology and physiology of farm animals; poultry farming and beekeeping, as well as Tajik. The faculty is equipped with modern and specialized laboratories and foreign equipment.

The faculty prepare specialists in 6 specialties, the educational process is carried out on the basis of a three-stage education system: bachelor, master and doctoral studies. Specialty 740301 - livestock, is one of the main specialties of the faculty. Over the past 75 years, more than 4,375 qualified professionals who have focused on manufacturing have been trained. Graduates of this specialty have contributed to the development of the livestock sector in the country, and also continue to invest it today.

Specialty 74020601 - Livestock Production and Processing Technology - founded in 2000. This specialty meets the requirements of the time and is aimed at the development of the livestock industry and the processing of products (milk, cheese, syrups, spaghetti, sausage, wool, eggs, honey, etc.).

Specialty 740331 - beekeeping, created on the basis of the standards in which this specialty was opened in 2005. Graduates of this specialty today have the full potential of processing all types of beekeeping products internationally.

Specialty 311700 - fish farming, was established in 2008. Fertilizers and fisheries in the development of agriculture play a special role in the livestock industry of the Republic of Tajikistan, where there are large water resources, including rivers, lakes, reservoirs, they are used to promote the development of this sector.

Specialty 3118 - poultry. In order to implement the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, a specialty in poultry farming was opened at the Faculty of Zoo engineering at the Department of Animal Husbandry and Genetics. This specialty is one of the industry in the agricultural sector, and the production of industry products. In comparison with other branches of animal husbandry, less than 3-5 times is spent on development, time, labor, food and other necessary materials. Considering this factor, a special educational program of the zoo-engineering faculty was adopted, where special attention was paid to animal husbandry as the most important sector of the national economy.

Specialty 7403012501 – zoo technician - economist - management, was founded in 2013, due to the transition to a higher level of production and personnel requirements that meet the modern labor market. The specialists of this specialty can work and function according to three qualifications - a zoo-technologist, an economist and a management.

The faculty of the faculty conducts educational work among students, they strive to instill in them high moral, cultural, ideological and political qualities and moral stability.

 Along with this, the faculty is actively conducting scientific activities. Over the past ten years, faculty scientists conduct research in the following areas: “Ways to increase and increase new highly productive breeds of farm animals” (as part of the implementation of the budget theme for 2001-2005, No. TD 05 81), “Improving and increasing the productivity of agricultural animals, poultry and fish farming "(within the framework of the implementation of the budget theme for 2006-2010)," Identification of highly productive breeds of quails, the introduction of effective technologies for growing and caring for them "(CD No. 0104TD080)," Developing density quenching in cells and their introduction into production ”(2011-2015, RD 01.11. TD 067).

Also, it should be noted that during the faculty, during 1995-2000, 2005-2012, 2014-2018, the dissertation councils of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation acted, in which many young scientists and applicants successfully defended dissertations. Including, from December 28, 2018, a new HAC Council under the President of the Republic of Tajikistan was opened in the direction of 6D080200 - technology of livestock production. This contributes to the training of scientific personnel in this direction.

During this period, 8 teachers, defended doctoral dissertations, and 20 promising young scientists - Ph.D. theses and received diplomas.

At this time, young teachers of the faculty: Safarov T.S., Bakhtiyor Saivali and Soatov S.S. prepare for the defense of their PhD theses, i.e. in anticipation of protection.

The faculty team, together with the students, take an active part in all cultural and political events of the city and the university.