Faculty of Economics

  The Dean -BOBOEV Sharif Qanoatshoevich, PhD, associate professor. 

       The faculty was opened in 1963 , first as a department of the Faculty of Agronomy and then in 1966 as an independent faculty. The first head of department was Associate Professor Kadyrov Ch.K., from 1979 to 1983 headed the Department Associate Professor Manyakin A.G., and in 1983 – H.A. Akhtam. In 1984-1994 , the position of dean of faculty headed by Nabiyeva M.S., and in 1994-2002 , the faculty was headed PhD, professor, the member of the Academy of relationships with top international schools  Ergashev B.C. , from September 2002 to 2004 – Associate professor Samandarov I.H. in 2004-2007 Piriyev J.S., in 2007-2015 Bayeva N.H. and since 2015 - PhD, Associate Professor Boboev Sh. Q.

        Faculty veterans are Madaminov A.A., Mirkamolov A., Mirzoev T.M., Nosirov R., Karomatulloeva R., Yusupov D.S., such great teachers as Rozikov M.U., Manyakin H.A., Akhtam D.K., Kurbanov T.K.,  they are no longer among us.

       In the structure of the department faculty are 4 chairs - "Organization of production enterprises in agriculture" (1931), "Economics of agriculture" (1931), "Theory of Economics" (1964), "Management and Entrepreneurship" (1978), in which work more than 50 experienced teachers in particular, 4 professors, 15 PhDs and professors .

Until 1977, the faculty prepares graduates for "economist ", and is currently preparing well and management. If pre-1972 graduates received "economist agronomist ," now the faculty prepares for agricultural industries professionals such as " -economist ", " economist-manager " highly bachelors and masters . In recent years, improved the material and technical base of the faculty . More than 25 post-graduate students, a thesis became candidates of economic sciences.

      At the faculty , students gain knowledge in the field of "Economics of agricultural production ", "Management in Agribusiness ." Specialists in economic production agriculture can work in industrial enterprises , research institutions and agricultural invest their contribution to the organization of the production process. Graduates of "Management and Agribusiness Management " explore the best ways to manage the production and logistical, human and financial resources , will implement them in production agriculture.

     Faculty members are always trying to teach students the basic principles of the market economy. In order to perform this task on the faculty attracted such prominent professors and teachers , as Madaminov A. Piriyev J. Sharofov Y. , Baev NH, Islomov G. Nosirov R. Nazarov, S., D. Yusupov, Do'stmukhamedova M. , T. Mirzoyev Anwar M. , R. Karimov , Mirkamolov A. Rakhimov H., Peers B and others.

      Reform in the higher education system in Tajikistan under the direct supervision of the President is in action , it is aimed at improving the quality of education and training of highly qualified specialists in accordance with the international standard of education and entering higher schools of the country in a single global education.

     The first university in the credit system of education passed the specialty " Management in Agribusiness ." Feature of this training system that controls the organization of the implementation of independent work of students to pay more attention. Qualification for independent work of students and its impact on the outcome of examinations require students to prepare for daily activities.