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Faculty of Zooengineering

The Dean - KADIROV Tura Abdulloevich, Sc.D., professor.

In 1943, on the basis of zootechnical Branch Agronomy Faculty Zootechnical Department was opened, and in 1976 was renamed the Faculty of Animal Science. The first dean of the faculty was Pihachek M.I. (1945-1954). In different years as dean headed by such prominent teachers as Professor A.K., GAFFAROV (1954-1973). Associate Professor Hamroev SA ( 1973-1983). Associate Professor M.A. Shamsiev (1983-1995). Associate Professor Kadyrov T.A. (1995-2005). Kassymov R.K. (2005 - 2013). Amirshoev F.S. (2013-2015). Since 2015, the head of the faculty was Professor Shamsiev A.G.

Of the founding faculty worked on such great scientists livestock as Academician GA Aliyev , professor Raciborski VA Rud'ko PD, Altshuler , VE, NN Kolesnik , Shardakov PN Peshkovski , Ilyin I., Black Frenkel , Stepan NI Vannovsky T.Ya. Lebedev IG Soldatenkov N.I. M.U. Mansurov, Forsihonov S.I. Madjidov F.H., Islomov I.I. associate Pehachek M.I, N.A. Gorbunova , Lartseva SK, N.O., Mamin, Faiziev G.F., Umarov M.U., A. Samiev S., G. Saidov , Hamroev SA, Safarov Kh.M. Manyakin A.G., Dudukalov V.M., Gorshkov K.G., Jalolov L.T., Kadyrov R.K., Allaguzhin A.A., A.A. Gladyshev and others, most of which are known not only in Tajikistan, but also beyond.

Currently, the department has 6 departments: "Feeding livestock farming and feed analysis ", " Zootechnical details ", " Livestock breeding and genetics of livestock agriculture ", " Ichthyology Physiology and livestock agriculture ", " The technology of processing of animal products ," "The Tajik language and literature ."

At faculty transmit their knowledge to students 50 scientists , including 9 professors, 18 associate professors and candidates of science, 25 senior teachers and assistants . All departments of the faculty provided by specialized laboratories that are equipped with the necessary equipment.

Faculty trains specialists in the following departments :

- Specialty " Zootechnics " was launched in 1943 on the basis of zootechnical Branch Agronomy Department . This is the main specialty in the department. She has trained for more than 67 years of activity 3470 highly qualified specialists.

- "Technology of production and processing of animal products " was opened in 2000 on the basis of specialty " Zootechnics ."

- Specialty "Beekeeping" prepares professionals since 2005 manufacturing and processing technologies apiculture products.

- Specialty " Fishery " was opened in 2008. The Republic of Tajikistan is rich in water resources, in particular, ponds, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, canals, drains . These water resources can be used effectively in the aquaculture industry . In this regard, aquaculture industry is an important link in the development of agriculture.

- Specialty " Poultry " was opened in 2008 in order to implement the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. It prepares technologies production and processing of poultry products.