International relations

       International relation  has  established  in 1978.That has trained  than  350 highly qualified personnel specialists  for Asia ,Africa and  American. Ander  leadership  professors of University  citizens of  Afghanistan, Syria, Nigeria , India, people`s Republic of China and other countries have finished  master`s and postgraduate. Seven foreign citizens on the basis  of protection of their dissertation research science received their  Ph. D. In addition more than 200  foreign  citizens after the training  courses  to continue their stydies at other Universities in Tajikistan and other  countries.

       Admission of students performed on a contractual basis. Foreign students on par  with the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan has the  right to use the material and technical bases University (lab, test farms, libraries, hostels). Education   pass or tajik or Persian or in Russian. For quickly learning the Russian in the  department has a special Russian department   for foreigners. The students who don`t  know Russian learn this  language during one year. In the preparatory department of the students except Russian also learn biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics  and other subjects related to the chosen speciality. It should be noted  that in the early 90-s the activity of  department in a result of the busy political and  economic  situation  of the Republic temporarily is stopped, the number of  foreign students and their  reception is stopped. Along  whis the  consolidation of peace  and unity  and  improve  the internal situation in the Republic and  its recognition in the international arena (list), activities of faculty again  resumed. Section conclude bilaterial  agreements with  cultural structures of  foreign Ambassies in Dushanbe existing organization and individual firms and  and  routinely tries to fulfill them.


        Through the activities of department on work with  foreign University students in the field of  international   relaitions has been  awarded a gold  award ‘’Quality  Era’’ and international organization B.I.D. in 2004 .In this years  department  gaining   with international   instutions  studies  program  ‘’EDNET’’, corporation ‘’KARANA’’, ‘’USAID’’ the latest book in the field  of  economics   and business as well as a  large number of new books and  magazins with funds ‘’CADA’’,’’SOROS’’,’’FAO’’ transferred to the Univesity`s  library.

        The department concluded a long term and fruitful agreement with the fund  Aga Khan of development tuition fees (payment studies) for Afghan students   and the creation of ‘’Business center’’ and computer classes. Thirteen  young  teachers of  economic   specialities through the ‘’ Training  Program EDNET’’, corporation ‘’KARANA’’,’’USAID’’ were accepted  into the  Academy   study`s program   and  were  awarded certificates. Six young  teachers of the newly established  Department  of English   with the support   of the SOROS foundation  passed  training.   In  recent  years  faculty`s collaboration with international funds in training  and  practices of  young teachers  develop.

       Studing foreign students in the department  and  international cooperation university develop under agreements with international organizations on training  and  exchange of students and  teachers. In the faculty  has two class-room  of  lingaphone , also  in the English  department organized special class-room, equipped with  special  equipment. Tajik Agrarian University for the purpose  of training  specialists ,young  scientists and exchange teachers and students, also  for the purpose develop international relations concluded the bilateral  agreement with 29  Foreign Universities. (19 foreign countries wourld).


           Currently  in the university  study  150 students, masters, graduate students, and applicants from the Russian, Uzbekistan ,Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, and  Afghanistan. The University has  agreement  of  collaboration  with  16  international organizations. Masters and students  from different faculty in recent years  on the basis  of ‘’ Knowledge  and training  specialists  and  manager`s staff in agricultural sector’’   with corresponding  with the university of  Weihenstephan, Trizdorf (Germany) participated  in program.By program ‘’Weihenstephan’’ and  ‘’LOGO ‘’ in defferent years for study  in master of production and transmission of technological practice  the students study in Germany   ,thanks to  these collaboration,they study  in the city  of  Tridorf in scientific-practical University Weihenstephan in the course on international masters.