On 14.09.2018 a meeting was held between representatives of the North-West University of Agriculture and Forestry of the People's Republic of China with the management of Tajik Agrarian University named after Shirinshoh Shohtemur. During this meeting, an agreement was signed on the creation of an agro park on the basis of the educational and industrial economy of the university in the city of Hissor and on the basis of the university the creation of a Center for the Study of Chinese Language.

On 19.12.18 an online lecture was held on the topic “Genomic technologies in livestock breeding”, lectured by professor of Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute Natalia Anatolyevna Chalova to students of the veterinary faculty of TAU named after Sh. Shohtemur.

On 20.12.2018 - Representatives of the FAO program Nedka Ivanova, Bapaev K. arrived on a working visit to TAU, where they discussed issues of conducting trainings on economics and veterinary medicine in the framework of the project “Strengthening the capacity of institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture and the service of veterinary supervision on policy development.

On 25.12.2018 - Deputy Director of the PRAXX organization of Germany Giyosov Izatullo arrived to conduct a training seminar.

On 25.12.2018 - representatives of the Eurasian University of Kazakhstan arrived on a working visit. At a meeting between representatives of two universities, agreements on international cooperation in the field of education and science were reviewed and signed.

January 14.01.2019 - during a meeting of representatives of two universities of the Food Safety Institute and the Institute of Agricultural Mechanization of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the People's Republic of China and the management of the TAU named after Sh. Shotemur signed bilateral agreements on cooperation in the creation of a techno park and greenhouses for growing crops on the basis of the training and production economy TAU named.after Sh. Shotemur in the city of Hissor.

On 28.01.2019, on the basis of the signed Agreement on academic mobility between TAU named after Sh. Shotemur and Novosibirsk State Agrarian University, students of finance and credit, economics and veterinary science Chakaev N., Yusupov I., Boymulozoda A. and Buzurukov A. were sent to continue their studies in the second semester at Novosibirsk State Agrarian University, as well as a student of the economic faculty of the university Ernazarova Sofia arrived to continue her studies at TAU named after Sh. Shotemur.